The Miracle Of Life: Spirit Of Christmas Holiday Tales

The miracle of life includes family

This is a time of year when we stop to ponder the miracle of life. A newborn baby in a manger whose birth created a spiritual evolution, leading those who believe, to reflect on life and joy.

It is a time of love, giving, and a season of laughter and singing. Tinsel, lights, music, and food.

But this season has not come upon us without hardship and trials. And for many, it can be a difficult time. So, to lift your spirits and signify the meaning of Christmas, here are some holiday tales to warm your heart.

A Christmas Tale Of Hardship And Love

“The best Christmas gift is the one you realize you already have.”


It was a cold winter day, in 1925, as the young, fatherless boy rode beside his mother in the noisy, red, Chicago streetcar. They were headed home to a dingy, cold apartment after yet another day with his mother scrubbing floors and washing ice-covered windows for 25 cents an hour.

It was the only means his mother had to feed her two sons.

As they entered the freezing apartment on this Christmas Eve night, the five-year-old boy knew better than to expect a Christmas tree or any gifts. Times were hard for everyone.

He pretended not to notice his mother’s tears as her body shivered with the sobs she failed to control.

The only source of heat was a poorly-working pot-bellied heat stove in the kitchen. As the two boys hustled to load it with coal they had picked up from the nearby railroad tracks, their mother prepared the table for their Christmas feast.

Even though the stove soon warmed their faces, their backs were freezing as the small family ate their canned ham, vegetables, and bread. The one bright spot was a cheerful, Christmas basket of goodies delivered from the charity organization, Big Brothers.

Since it was too cold to do anything else, the two boys soon went to bed in their second-hand pajamas. Sometime later, the five-year-old awoke to see white fluffs of air escaping his lungs.

It was near dawn and the child quickly realized his mother had never come to bed. Terrified, he feared she had possibly abandoned her sons. The boy leaped out of bed in a state of panic and ran to the kitchen.

And there, he saw his mother at the table, wrapped head to toe in blankets. The stove had been long depleted of its coal supply.

On the floor was her favorite broom, the handle broken off. Then the boy noticed how she was diligently working on the broken handle, tediously carving holes into it with her broken kitchen knife.

After carving the holes, she stuffed them with green, pine needles the boy had noticed her picking off the ground, earlier on their way home.

It was the most beautiful Christmas tree the child had ever seen.

Next, the child’s eyes dropped to his mother’s feet where he saw an empty can of red paint. A wet paintbrush lay next to it. And next to that, on a towel, lay a pile of red toys.

A fire engine missing its back two wheels, an old steel train with more missing wheels and dented caboose, a headless jack in the box, and a headless doll.

Even at his young age, the child began to cry. He no longer felt the cold. Instead, he felt the greatest love he had ever known.

The boy’s mother never noticed his presence as he escaped back to bed.

But, for the rest of his life, John Doll never received another gift that meant as much to him as the sacrificial love of his mother, on Christmas Eve in 1925.

“Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul” 1997

The Miracle Of Life Touches A Child

young boy at Christmas

When we recall Christmas past, we usually find that the simplest things-not the great occasions-give off the greatest glow of happiness.” Bob Hope

Diane Rayner believed Christmas was a time of miracles. She thought the stars would align and sweep down to the earth in shining fashion. Life seemed to prove her right the year her son, Marty, was eight.

The family had recently moved to a trailer park outside Redmond, Washington. Marty who had no hearing in his left ear was a spirited, cheerful boy.

As it happens, that Christmas, Marty had a secret. He kept it for weeks until finally divulging the holiday surprise he was planning. Diane was proud Marty had managed to save months of his tiny allowance so that he could buy a gift for his best friend, Kenny.

Diane knew Kenny’s family was poor but proud. She realized Kenny’s mother would never allow him to keep the beautiful compass Marty had bought for his adventure-loving friend.

However, Marty had a solution. He would leave the gift at Kenny’s front door and then quickly disappear so the family would never know who gave Kenny the gift. This way it couldn’t be returned.

When Christmas came and Marty slipped out the door to deliver Kenny’s present, Diane watched him go. Pride and joy were etched in her heart as she watched her own miracle of life happily depart with the purpose of bringing Christmas joy.

But, shortly afterward, Marty returned, tearful, muddy, and in pain. Sadly, he explained how he had run into an electric fence in his haste to be out of view before anyone could see him drop off the gift.

The shock had sent Marty reeling into the mud. An angry blister appeared from his mouth to his ear.

Diane went to bed upset and disappointed that life had been so cruel to a young boy who was simply blessing another out of the goodness of his heart. It was a rotten punishment for someone with only the purest of intentions.

But Diane was wrong.

The next morning, as Marty tore into his presents, she noticed he no longer cocked his head in the child’s usual manner to hear out of his right ear. When Kenny showed up, eyes glowing, to show Marty his new compass, Marty appeared to be listening to his chatter with his deaf ear.

Weeks later, the school nurse confirmed that Marty now had complete hearing in both ears! His doctors believe it was the shock from the fence that somehow caused this miraculous reversal.

Thus, the miracle of life continues.

“Chicken Soup For The Christian Soul” 1997

Christmas Miracles Come In Small Packages

“Just remember, the true spirit of Christmas is in your heart.” The Polar Express


Helen Bunce wasn’t able to get to church very often. The reason being arthritic joints stiffened with pain. Plus she disliked being away from her husband, Karl, who was in poor health.

However, Helen couldn’t miss the dedication of the mitten tree on the third Sunday of Advent this year.

As it happened, since 1949, one woman had knitted dozens of pairs of mittens with matching hats. These beautiful items were then hung on a pine tree in front of the church as a Christmas gift for the community. Every branch of the tree contained a matching set.

However, this particular year, the identity of the mitten lady would finally be revealed. And when Helen’s name was called on Advent Sunday, the entire church cheered her with a five-minute standing ovation.

Helen, at 86 years old, and in a wheelchair, beamed as she held her daughter’s hand.

The next Saturday, Helen passed away. Not surprisingly, Karl followed quickly, passing away the following Monday.

The mitten tradition began when Helen heard a story about children in Europe lining up to receive mittens from relief workers. This was immediately following World War II.

But, at the end of the day, one little boy held out his cold hands for a pair and was regrettably informed there were no more.

The workers had run out of mittens.

Helen took the cause to heart. She couldn’t forget about the little boy with cold hands. So, Helen vowed to do everything she could to prevent it from happening in her community.

Thus, Helen made over 100 sets of mittens and hats, every year, for over 20 years. And each one bore a handwritten tag with the statement, “God Loves You and So Do I.”

Incidentally, Helen was buried with her knitting needles per her request. Her daughter found the needles, empty and buried in a skein of yarn, beside a finished hat.

As Helen’s daughter stated, “Mom never left her needles this way. She always had a project going. But, she knew this time, her work was done.”

Chicken Soup For The Christian Soul1997

The Miracle Of Life Occurs When Least Expected

“He who has not Christmas in his heart, will never find it under the tree.”

Roy L Smith


The ad read, “Is there any place where we can borrow a little boy three or four years old for the Christmas holidays? We have a nice home and would take wonderful care of him and bring him back safe and sound. We used to have a little boy, but he couldn’t stay, and we miss him so when Christmas comes.” –N. Muller

For the first time since her husband’s death, the woman felt a stir in her heart upon reading the typewritten plea. She realized others were experiencing grief during the holidays.

The woman and her young son had moved back to the woman’s hometown, following her husband’s death. But she continued to feel the ache of loneliness and loss. Thus, when she saw the ad, she felt a semblance of kinship with its author.

So, the young mother answered the appeal. And found the writer to be a widower living with his mother. He had lost his wife and young son earlier in the year.

The woman and her son shared a joyous holiday with the grieving father and grandmother. And months later, the woman married the man. Now, they continue to enjoy every Christmas together.

The miracle of life continues to amaze.

A Personal Miracle Of Life

Twins at Christmas are a miracle of life

“Peace on Earth will come to stay when we live Christmas every day.”

Helen Steiner Rice


A fellow blogger offers her own joyful miracle to share. Kate Landry of ahundredaffections.com married later in life (mid-30s) and had trouble conceiving. At 38, she experienced her first miscarriage. At 39, she suffered another.

Kate and her husband began fertility treatments after she turned 40. After four exhausting and unsuccessful rounds of intrauterine inseminations, they turned to in vitro fertilization. At this point, they began to doubt they would ever have a child of their own.

Thankfully, they had several viable embryos of which two were transferred. Soon, the couple learned one embryo had survived and they were now pregnant! A second sonogram revealed a strong and healthy baby was growing inside of Kate.

During the third sonogram at eight weeks gestation, the technician gravely stated, “I don’t know how to tell you this….”

Kate felt her heart drop. She dreaded what was coming next as this was the same period in her gestation when she had previously miscarried.

But then the technician added, “I see two heartbeats. You’re having twins!”

Months later, Kate’s identical twin boys were born, hale and hearty!

Since that time, Kate and her husband have enjoyed seven Christmases with their lively twins.

Kate adds, “They are the joy of my life. God truly gave us a miracle.”

Wrap It Up

Thus, Christmas is a time to count our blessings and also bless others. When we do this, miracles still happen. Hence, it often happens that the giver becomes the recipient of something even greater.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these heart-warming holiday tales.

Believing in the miracle of life and being open to blessings during this season of joy creates special opportunities. Indeed, this is a wondrous time of genuine rebirth.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

The Miracle of Life Christmas Tales

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