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The Simple Life Is Remarkably Happier: Here’s Why

Ever feel like a hamster running on a spinning wheel? Wish you could live a simple life instead?

It’s easy to get tired of going through the motions. Going to work, paying the bills, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, and running the kids back and forth. Then, there are extra obligations such as helping with homework, looking after elderly relatives, and fulfilling community obligations.

Our lives have indeed become busier, more erratic, and more complicated.

But, what if there’s an easier way to live? To slow things down, make things more simple?

Actually, there is! And you have the power to make it happen.

There’s A Better Way To Live

Running around and chasing the dream is often more about acquiring and taking care of things. Or just checking boxes off a list than it is about people, worthwhile experiences, or making memories. Hence, it’s no wonder many feel as if life is passing them by.

Because, most likely, it is doing exactly that!

For example, how badly do you need that designer dress in the store window? Will it make a lasting difference in your life? Will you still care about it this time next year? How many hours will you have to work to pay for it?

Or that huge SUV that makes all the other PTA moms swoon? Does it mean more to you than the missed vacations, weekend trips, and missed family time you give up while working to pay for it?

However, the simple life adopted by many families, today, helps avoid making decisions that could impair happiness and family dynamics.

But how much do you know about this particular lifestyle? Surprisingly, it’s not the no-frills minimalism you’re probably picturing!

What Is The Simple Life?

In truth, what we are talking about, is paring down priorities to the things that truly matter. Ridding ourselves of excess demands and burdens that add little quality to life. This simplified lifestyle cuts out any unnecessary stress impacting our daily existence.

Wikipedia defines simplified living as decreasing possessions, becoming less dependent on technology, and spending less money. Thus, the focus is less on external factors and more so on internal qualifiers, such as mindsets, beliefs, and values.

Although minimalism is an external factor and can play a role when desired. However, it’s not a necessity.

This simplified life is about finding ways to slow down and live in the moment. Thus, becoming mindful of each valuable moment and making the most of it.

Therefore, it entails shredding the list of to-dos and spending more time focusing on simple endeavors, creating feelings of fulfillment.

How The Simple Life Leads To Happiness

Downsizing life to a simpler form rids us of external baggage weighing us down. Shredding unnecessary responsibilities and demands allows us more time to focus on spiritual and emotional health, families, hobbies, and pastimes.

With less responsibility comes decreased levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. Less strain and no longer trying to keep up with the Jones’s leads to less jealousy, frustration, or other negative emotions.

As a result, health improves due to a lower risk of heart disease and blood pressure problems.

Along with lowered demands, another result is improved life balance. Hence, a higher level of happiness is experienced. New opportunities open up for time spent with spouses and children. Because there is now time to do what makes one happy.

Simplifying things removes the power of materialism over one’s life. Thus, it leads to obtaining financial security much more quickly, promoting financial independence.

As priorities change from have-to’s to want-to’s, personal satisfaction grows.

Another benefit of the simple life is it decreases the consumption of goods and resources. And this helps the environment by decreasing one’s carbon footprint.

So, if you’re on board with paring life down to the things that truly matter, let’s learn how it’s done.

Simple country pleasures are precious

Pare It Down To What Truly Matters

Of course, there are many ways to pare a busy life down to the basics. The first step is to take a look at your life and see where all of your energy is going. Second, once you’ve analyzed your life, figure out where you want your energy to go.

Third, make a plan to get where you want to be. Either digitally or use pen and paper so you have an actual, formally written plan to follow. Then tack it up where you see it every day.

Remember, this is a different plan than just following a dream. This is a plan where you figure out what to cut out of your life. What needs to go? And what needs to stay? And what needs to change?

For instance, an overly demanding job with too many hours will eventually cost hours of your life. Plus any medical bills brought on by stress. The lost chances you’ll never get back. Do you need to change careers? Ask for less responsibility? Transfer?

And the spending? The need to work so hard goes away when there are fewer bills to pay. The huge mansion where your family only occupies four rooms, but you have 12? The monthly payment, utilities, insurance, taxes, and upkeep? How many hours of your life is it worth?

What about those material possessions piled up to your ears? Does anyone need that much stuff? How much time is devoted to cleaning and maintaining these things? Or to rephrase the question, how much quality time is lost taking care of things you rarely use?

And a really tough one! How much time is lost to family and friends, hobbies and interests while you scroll the phone or flip mindlessly through TV channels?

Someone I know divorced a spouse when year after year, he refused to leave his phone long enough to be part of the family. And without a doubt, this person has lived to regret his choices.

Or is the issue that you have a problem saying no? Maybe, it’s the hours you spend meeting multiple obligations to local organizations and clubs. Is it time to cut out all but the ones most dear to your heart?

What do you stand to lose? And what do you stand to gain? Your plan should address all of these issues.

Suggestions For Creating A Simple Life

If unsure where to begin peeling away the outward shell of your external life and finding the heart within, here are a few suggestions to get started.

I. Make a plan to buy less food and grow a vegetable garden over the summer.

2. Work less by decreasing overtime at the office, transferring, or changing jobs.

3. Stop buying things you won’t care about a year from today. Avoid impulse buying. Wait at least two days before going back to purchase an item. This allows you to determine if you really want it, or only wanted it for a moment.

4. Or learn how to quilt or sew. Challenge yourself to make half your wardrobe.

5. Shop the local farmer’s market for fresh produce and goods. Also, cook meals from scratch and eat out less often. It only takes 10 minutes to throw ingredients into a casserole dish.

Perhaps you could enjoy a glass of wine while it cooks in the oven for 45 minutes. Another advantage is many casseroles are one dish meals and don’t need any sides.

6. Use devices and gadgets to make things easier. I like to simplify dinner by tossing some meat and veggies into my crockpot. The result being a dinner that’s ready by the time we’re hungry. And with little effort required!

7. If you can afford it, hire help-a housekeeper, yard person, someone to cook a few meals, etc.

8. Start a new hobby. Try to find one not too costly or you may soon be fretting over the expense rather than enjoying your new pastime. Maybe go fishing with caught minnows or worms.

9. When possible, buy secondhand. Resale shops and online garage sales are great places to scoop up bargains!

10. Buy a smaller, less expensive home. If it needs fixing up, learn how to do some of it yourself. But, only if you enjoy hands-on projects. Imagine what a boost of self-confidence it would be to learn new skills!

11. Spend more time reading to yourself, your children, and playing more games with loved ones.

12. Take up camping and hiking with your family. Go stargazing and bird watching. Or try learning a few survival skills.

The point is simply to enjoy getting back to nature.

13. Watch less television. Even better, spend less time on cell phones and computers. Instead, go for more walks and spend time enjoying personal and family activities.

14. Go on weekly picnics to a nearby park or scenic area. Even better, ride your bikes there instead of taking the car.

15. Put away a certain amount of money every month for a rainy day.

16. Simplify your diet. Such as eating more healthy vegetables and grains, and less processed foods. Moreover, you’ll have more energy and feel healthier.

17. Keep a gratitude journal. Devoting at least five minutes to it daily improves mental health.

18. Organize your life. Invest in a personal planner and keep tidy records so everything is kept in its proper place and is done at the right time.

19. Get rid of anything not used in the past year. Clutter and junk means it must be maintained. And it causes mental mayhem.

Change Doesn’t Have To Be Drastic To Be Effective

You don’t have to pare life down to the barest of bones to make things simpler. What I mean is you don’t have to sell all of your worldly possessions and go live off the land.

But, small change can make a big difference. Thus, do what you are able without creating too much stress.

It’s not easy changing long-time habits and mindsets. Remember, it takes time and practice to make things stick.

As with attempting anything new, it’s best to go slow and take one small step at a time. So, try starting with one new thing each week, then adding another the next week.

Changing lifestyles and mindsets is not something one should ever try to do all at once. Therefore, be patient and keep working on it. Improvement will come. Then when it does, you will find a simpler life that opens up new possibilities.

Wrap It Up

Leading a less complicated life allows the mind to focus more clearly. Because distractions and negative emotions are removed. Also, less anxiety and stress result in a better night of sleep.

It’s satisfying to realize one has chosen quality over quantity in life. Meaning, life has become more about people and things one loves, rather than just things.

Focusing on the things that matter is the recipe for happiness. But, once you begin this lifestyle and see improvement, it’s best to continue monitoring the situation. Thus ensuring you never slip back into your old ways.

Believe me, this is a lifestyle you want to maintain. Because who doesn’t want less stress and anxiety in their day?

In conclusion, it’s time to enjoy the simple life, My Friends.

19 ways to simplify your life




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  1. I’m learning this the older I get. The amount of energy it takes to maintain all that stuff is mostly a waste of precious time. Some great ideas here to strip it all down.

  2. I love this so much! I truly believe living more simply leads to happiness. I have been on a simple life journey for the last few years. I enjoy everyday of it!

  3. I enjoyed your article! So true that when we simplify our lives we become happier because we’re more clear on what truly makes us happy! We stop chasing after things that only bring short-lived feelings. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great post and list. I love these ideas, but I have to disagree with the first one. Having done a vegetable garden for many years, I have to say that I don’t think buying less food and growing more of your own is a way to simplify your life – in my experience, it was a lot more time, work, and energy. However fresh homegrown tomatoes were worth it to me. Just my two cents.

    1. I do respect your view. However, as a farm girl, I loved growing a large vegetable garden. There is good therapy in pulling up a weed and getting all the root with it. Plus watching things grow and knowing it exists because you cared for it! But, it’s not an experience that’s for everybody.

  5. This is such a great post. #10 about downsizing and buying a house needing work is exactly what started my blog. My husband wanted to retire from his job early – so we downsized and starting fixing up a house that has turned into a blog!

  6. Growing up with Social Media has done nothing for us really! We see all the things “other people” are doing and are always aiming for unreachable targets. This is an amazing post to remind us all to slow down and enjoy what’s around us! A vegetable garden is on my list when I get the space!

  7. A great article to reflect on our priorities! The advice is perfect for me to share with some of my younger family members.

  8. Are the little things that matter most. I think there is so much happiness in living a simple life and gratitude can help us to see it. Thank you for some great suggestions!

  9. I wish I could have told my younger self to live more simply. It would have saved so much time and anxiety in my opinion. However, I’m grateful to have finally learned that “less is more”. Love your suggestions in this post!!

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