Things That Make Me Happy: 120 Greatest Mood Lifters

Things that make me happy-coffee, cookies

Everybody feels down in the dumps on occasion. And sometimes, it’s hard to climb out of the pit without some help. So, if you could use some encouragement, I’m offering my list of 120 things that make me happy. And they can lift your mood, as well.

Actually, it doesn’t take intense action to alter a bad mood, just small tweaks in mindsets and thought processes. And a definite change of focus to keep you from feeling sad for too long.

Granted, there are instances where sadness is more profound, such as times of deep loss or with behavioral mood swings. In these cases, professional help is needed to manage symptoms.

However, for the typical in and outs of life, here are the many things that make me happy. 120 of them in fact! And I hope this list makes you happy too.

So, let’s get started!

Things That Make Me Happy I Do For Others

I. Telling another person I love them.

2. Doing nice things for others who truly appreciate it

3. Opening a door for someone who says, “thank you”

4. Smiling at an individual who smiles back at me

5. Buying a gift for a person I love

6. Giving a compliment to others and making their day

7. Helping an older person with a needed task

8. Teaching someone and watching their eyes light up when understanding dawns

9. Volunteering in the community

10. Petting an animal

11. Helping an animal in need

12. Buying ice cream for a child

13. Paying it forward at the drive-through

14. Leaving a big restaurant tip for a good server

15. Seeing my mother-in-law’s face light up when I visit

16. Taking my kids and grandkids on adventures

Doing things for others, whether animal or human, removes the focus from yourself and your problems. Thus, it forces you to take action that makes a difference to others. And you’re likely to feel better as a result.

Things That Lift My Mood In Regards To Others

17. Watching a family movie with my family

18. When a child creates something for me from the heart

19. Sitting down to a family meal

20. Cooking for my family and someone else cleans up afterward

21. A surprise visit from someone I love

22. Girl’s trips

23. Playing with my grandkids, nieces, and nephews who all think I’m a big, fun kid

24. A baby smiling and cooing at me

25. Going shopping with a friend

26. Making a new friend

27. Having a meaningful conversation with someone

28. When my daughter’s boyfriend does my yard, then waits for me to notice.

29. Hanging out with my best friend

30. When one of my brothers calls me

31. When a coworker thanks me for helping them

32. Singing the songs to my kids my dad sang to me, and years later, hearing my kids sing them to my grandkids.

33. Hearing someone who I adore tell me, “I love you”

34. When another person does something thoughtful for me.

35. Whenever someone who knows me well, finishes my sentence and nails it.

36. Receiving a compliment I know is genuine.

37. Getting to see an old friend

38. Sitting around a campfire at night, telling stories with loved ones

Now, it’s obvious one cannot control the actions of other people. But, one can seek out ways to meet others and grow relationships that create circumstances such as these.

Activities That Make Me Happy I Do For Myself

39. Making a bucket list.

40. Crossing an item off my bucket list

41. Spending five minutes a day writing in my inspirational journal

42. Sitting by the fireplace on a cold day reading a book

43. Drinking my favorite cup of coffee every morning

44. Enjoying a glass of good wine while watching a chick flick

45. Going out to eat in a great restaurant

46. Traveling

47. Learning something new and then feeling smart as a result

48. Eating healthy

49. Walking my dog and enjoying the beauty of nature

50. Hiking a beautiful trail

51. Seeing an awesome movie

52. Visiting the place where I grew up

53. Cuddling with my furbaby

54. Breathing fresh air in the mountains

55. Going camping and four-wheeling

56. Working out

57. Visiting a fall festival

58. Going to the county fair

59. Eating a baked-from-scratch goodie

60. Playing in the snow

61. Building a snowman

62. Enjoying a soothing cup of hot chocolate after coming in from the cold

63. Looking at Christmas lights

64. Taking a trip to Walt Disney World

65. Watching a fun parade

66. Sleeping in on a weekend

67. Rising early and sitting outside while listening to the birds sing

68. Jumping on a trampoline

69. Singing along to favorite songs from my teenage years

70. Dancing freestyle

71. Redoing my bedroom

72. Planting flowers

73. Reclining on a white, sandy beach with a gorgeous drink in my hand

74. Negotiating a bargain price on an item I love, or finding a really good deal

75. Getting a new haircut that makes me feel pretty

76. Practicing gratitude for the blessings in my life

Nature is a thing that lifts my mood.

Enjoying nature is a natural mood-lifting activity.

Various Things That Make Me Happy

77. Watching vegetables sprout and grow that I planted myself

78. Having fun at the swimming pool on a 100 degree day

79. Realizing I can still run to the end of the block

80. Recalling fond memories from childhood

81. Reminiscing about sweet memories of when my children were young

82. Finding out I can still drive a stick-shift

83. Having a clean house

84. Trying something new and enjoying it

85. When something I created turns out beautifully

86. The freedom of feeling weight lifting from my chest as I read my Bible

87. The warm fuzzies I get from reading a heartwarming story

88. When someone lets me hold their baby

89. Listening to a baby’s laughter

90. Rocking and cuddling a baby to sleep

91. Every time my tiny dog lays his head on my shoulder and looks at me with love in his eyes

92. The feeling I get upon accomplishing a big task

93. Knowing I’ve done a good job and performed it well

94. Watching an excellent community play

95. Waking up and having something to look forward to on that day

96. Playing Wordle and getting it right by the third word

In reality, the majority of the activities that make me happy are ones in which I, myself, play a strong role. And you can also do this by participating in activities that decrease stress and redirect your mind’s focus toward happier subjects.

However, there is still more to come.

Unexpected Sources Of Happiness

97. Winning a contest or award

98. Eating my favorite foods and not getting heartburn

99. Going to see the doctor and he says everything looks good

100. When my online orders show up on my porch

101. Listening to a waterfall or a running river

102. Hearing the patter of a summer rain while I’m in bed at night

103. Seeing my tiny dog “defend me” against perceived threats when I play with our big dogs

104. Coming home to find three furbabies who are ecstatic to see me

105. The rare times my scale shows a five-pound weight loss

106. When clothes fit better than they did the week before

107. Feeling the sun shining on my face

108. When I feel healthy

109. Hearing a funny joke

110. Feeling a kitten rub against my leg wanting pets

111. Listening to good news

112. Watching my football team win a big game

113. Whenever my basketball team wins

114. Anytime something good happens to my child

115. When my child succeeds at something new

116. Watching my children graduate

117. Seeing my children marry people they love

118. Every time I see my child’s partner treat her with love and respect

119. Playing on Pinterest and finding a pin that really speaks to me

120. The joy of taking off work for a mental health day

Final Words On Joyful Activities

So, there you have it! That’s 120 things that make me happy and I hope many of them will make you happy too.

Whenever life pulls you down it is up to you to get back up. And the best way to do that is to change course. Do something else for a while.

Then, you can come back later to examine the issue causing you to feel down in the dumps. Hence, it will be easier to figure things out when the problem is less raw and you are more objective. Thus, you will be much more likely to find a solution that works for you.

Always remember when you are sad, there are still good things in your life. And it is important not to take them for granted. So, enjoy this list of happy thoughts and adopt a few of them for your own well-being. Create blessings for your life instead of waiting for them to come to you.

Then you can write a list of things that make you happy too!

120 things to lift your mood

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  1. First of all, I love that this list is over 100 things that make you happy. That alone makes me happy for you! Secondly, this is such a great and uplifting post!

  2. Finding joy can change your everyday life and the quality of your life. This is a keeper and an everyday reminder. Thank you so much! I will be sharing!

  3. You have pointed out the many many reasons we have to find happiness! I love this! We all tend to hear so many of the negatives in the world, and I believe if we really pay attention, we can find the good (even in bad times). I love that so many items you listed that make you happy are simple, everyday things! Thanks for pointing those out!

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