How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Grandkids

There’s no doubt that grandkids are our reward for growing older. And because we love them so much, we want to understand how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with them. Of course, we want to make our grandchildren feel happy and loved on this special day.

Maybe you’re looking for some creative activities to do with your grandkids. Or possibly teach them something meaningful. Or perhaps you just want to enjoy quality time with your little ones while their parents are out celebrating the day.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of eleven unique and fun ideas for Valentine’s Day activities to help you bond with your grandchildren.

How to celebrate Valentine's Day With Your Grandchild

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How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With A Party

It’s no secret that children love a party! So, why not give them one? Send out invitations to grandkids, neighborhood children, and whoever you want to invite! Then, put up a few dollar-store decorations and plan some fun games.

For little ones, you could read Valentines-themed storybooks. And help them make holiday cards for their parents. Older kids may want to make a craft or play games such as Clue, Valentine’s Bingo, or Twister. You could even have a pinata filled with candy!

Of course, you can always make up an original game or check Pinterest, which is full of great ideas for things to do with kids.

Also, prizes make things more interesting. Your local dollar store is just the place to stock up!

In addition, you can serve heart-shaped cookies, chocolate-dipped strawberries, a fruit and cheese tray, crackers, and red fruit punch.

No matter what you do, a fun time is guaranteed for all who attend. And your grandbabies will have new memories they’ll never forget!

Celebrate With Pizza!

Making Valentine’s Day pizzas is sure to be a hit with little ones. Invite the grandchildren over and let them enjoy making the pizza with you! Your little ones will love rolling the dough (or you can use premade) and sprinkling cheese over the top.

One of my favorite go-to’s was rolling out refrigerated biscuits for the crust and making mini pizzas.

Cutting pepperoni into heart shapes is another fun idea. Try to have this done before the little ones arrive. Then, let your kiddos sprinkle the hearts over the sauce.

Following dinner comes the best part. The dessert! Our Dessert Pizza is simple and delicious!

When I make this delightful treat, I roll out refrigerated, raw sugar cookie dough to fit a pizza pan, then bake it according to the directions. This is the “crust.”

Next, mix one package of eight ounces of softened cream cheese with 1/3 cup of sugar until well blended. Spread the cream cheese mixture over the cooled cookie dough crust. This is a very thin layer.

This heart-shaped pizza pan will make the perfect Valentine’s pizza or dessert!

Then, top it off by arranging assorted, fresh fruit slices in a pretty pattern.

Our favorites are grapes, strawberries, kiwis, bananas, and peaches.

Last, take a small jar of apple preserves and spread preserves over the fruit topping. Completely cover all of the fruit. And now you have pure, sweet deliciousness!

Bon appetit, everyone!

Enjoy Valentines Day with your grandkids making pizza.

Who doesn’t love Valentine’s Day pizza?

Enjoy A Grandtine’s Date With Your Grandchild

If you’re still wondering how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your grandchildren, how about a “Grandtine’s” date? Since Galentine’s has become a thing, why shouldn’t we have our special title, too?

This one is simple since you allow your grandchild to pick the restaurant for your date. You can meet them at the door with a sweet bouquet or a cute stuffed animal.

For your date, dress up in formal attire to make the occasion even more special. Encourage good manners; this is a great opportunity to teach your grandchild new social skills.

Afterward, you can change into something more comfortable and head out to a movie or other fun venue to finish the night.

A child never forgets a first date. And it’s even more special when a loving grandparent shares this once-in-a-lifetime event with them.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Something Special

This activity is the brainstorm of my oldest child, who was ten at the time. And it is a continued favorite of ours.

Spend a Saturday morning making Valentine’s Day cards with your grandchild. Again, you can buy the crafts from your favorite dollar store. Laugh the time away while you create hearts and write sweet notes to the lucky card recipients.

Then, when Valentine’s Day rolls around, gather up your grandchild and the cards and deliver them to nursing home residents. Letting these special people know they are not forgotten is a gift of the heart. You may want to call ahead and find out how many cards to make.

But don’t forget the nursing home employees. These dedicated caregivers need recognition, too!

This is something special between you and your grandchild, embodying love and care for others. Plus, it’s a life lesson your grandchild will carry far into the future.

Love Letters That Create Smiles

Another fun Valentine’s Day activity to share is writing love letters. Young children usually love to write.

Having beautiful stationery makes this activity more enjoyable for a young child.

First, you and your grandchild each make a list of special people in your lives.

Second, write short, heartfelt letters to the people on your individual list. Explain to the recipients why they are special to you.

When you’re done, put the letters in the mailbox. The recipients will be thrilled to receive such a meaningful surprise! And it’s much more sincere than a store-bought item!

Expressions of the heart are often ignored in our modern world of emails and texts. By teaching grandchildren the power of a written letter, you ensure they continue practicing this old-fashioned and often forgotten skill.

Make A Valentine's Card with your grandchild

Create This Adorable Valentine’s Day Card With Your Grandchild.

How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With A Special Basket

If you’re still wondering how to enjoy Valentine’s Day with grandkids, here is a great way to make them feel valued and special.

Buy a cute bin or basket your grandchild can use for bedroom storage. Make sure the container matches the child’s bedroom colors. Stuff the bottom of the bin with plastic bags or tissue 1/3 to halfway to the top.

Next, line the bin with a large roll of thick plastic wrap. Ensure the edge of the wrap rises eighteen inches to two feet above the top of the bin so it can be tied off later.

Now, you’re ready to pack the container with books, toys, candy, and treats for your grandchild. Stack everything neatly, facing the same direction. The tallest items go in the back, while the shortest items are in front.

Thus, the basket’s contents should be arranged from tallest to shortest.

When you are satisfied with the arrangement, take the excess wrap at the top of the basket and tie it off with string. Be sure the plastic is not pulled too tightly over the items inside the container. It should be loose and not crowding the contents.

Next, place pretty bows and ribbons over the tied string to make the basket look pretty and festive.

Now, you have a thoughtful gift for your grandkids put together by your own hands. Your grandkids will know how much you love them with this one-of-a-kind offering made just for them!

Enjoy Valentine’s Day with A Craft

Nothing is as fun to a young child as making something beautiful. And when a child can make someone’s face light up with a handmade gift, it’s even better!

So, look for fun crafts online, such as Valentine’s Crafts For Kids, and get cracking creating something fun with your kiddos. After you make your craft, brighten someone’s day by delivering it to a person who usually spends Valentine’s Day alone.

Additionally, you can gift your recipient with a holiday dessert such as Strawberry Pie. But first, make sure the individual doesn’t have an allergy! Of course, you could take a food basket, as well.

It’s not just parents who influence growing minds and personalities. It takes a village to raise a child. And teaching children about thoughtfulness can be lost in the chaos of adult responsibilities.

Check out this fun idea for an adorable craft to do with kids.

How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With A Themed Dinner

This is a fun one! The more generations that participate, the better this activity is!

A themed Valentine’s Day meal is just the ticket for celebrating the holiday. If this sounds like fun, start with a few decorations, a themed table setting, and a dress code of pink, red, black, and white attire for participating diners!

Then take it a step further with holiday-themed food, such as steak, lobster tails, red-skinned potatoes, strawberry spinach salad, stuffed, red peppers, salted, sliced tomatoes, watermelon, spaghetti with meat sauce, lasagna, or anything you want.

Enjoy finishing off your meal with cherry pie, strawberry cheesecake, or red velvet cake.

Afterward, you might want to play Valentine-themed games, watch Valentine’s movies, or take turns reading Valentine’s stories.

It will definitely be a meal to remember!

How do you celebrate Valentine's with your grandkids?

Celebrate With A Dance

And if you’re still wondering how to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but in a fun, traditional way, host a dance for your grandchildren and their friends! So, while their parents are spending the evening dancing with each other, your grandkids can be enjoying their own dance party!

Have your grandkids help with setting up music beforehand. You can choose iTunes, Pandora, or whatever the kids prefer. Send out invitations and ask a few parents for help with refreshments.

If the weather is warm, set up on the patio. If not, use the garage or a large room inside your home. Move big furniture to other areas so the kids have room to dance.

Next, line the room with folding chairs. Ensure that sufficient seating and chatting areas are available.

Remember, your job is to stay out of the way of adolescent socializing and to keep an eye on refreshments and activities. But Make sure all rules of behavior are clear from the start. Everyone should stay together with no one wandering off.

Have all parental phone numbers on hand in the event someone does not adhere to the rules. Plus, it’s a good idea to have other adults to help with supervision and aid you in seeing that everything runs smoothly.

A Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is another exciting activity most kids enjoy. You can buy various Valentine-themed games, food items, treats, etc., and scatter them around your home. Then, invite the grands over for a fun time.

Provide a list of items to find and give each participant a copy of the list.

Kids love searching for hidden treasures. Moreover, a child’s joy upon discovering the prizes helps build self-confidence! Your grandchildren will enjoy competing with each other to see who finds everything on the list first.

Clearly, your little sweethearts get to keep all of the prizes they find.

How to enjoy Valentine's with grandkids

Enjoy A Simple Evening Together

Sometimes, quiet activities are best when you’re deciding how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with little ones. So, I’ve saved this peaceful activity until the end.

When children need a little quality time with a grandparent, simply decorating Valentine’s cookies and watching a movie can be gratifying.

If your grandchild prefers quiet activities such as this, relaxing activities will be more enjoyable to him or her than something energetic or social.

Wrapping Up How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Grandchildren

No one knows a child as well as parents and grandparents. And with these unique holiday activities, there’s no doubt you’ll find one that both you and your grandchild will enjoy.

However, the best thing about Valentine’s Day is spending time together and making memories little ones will remember for years to come. After all, helping grandchildren feel adored and valued is what grandparents do.

So, whatever you may be planning, just have fun and enjoy quality time together. Even better, make your Valentine’s Day activity an annual event!

Now you have eleven great ideas for how to spend Valentine’s Day with your grandchildren for the next eleven years! Happy Valentine’s Day!


Celebrate Valentine’s Day With The Grandkids

Valentines Day Ideas For Kids

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