Live In The Moment And Feel Joy Come To Life

Why Should We Live In The Moment?

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When life becomes complicated, it’s natural to experience the need to escape. We think about happier times or obsess about planning for the future. And some of us get lost in daydreams or engage in negative coping skills.

However, the truth is that we all want the same things. To be happy in life, to have good relationships. To belong.

And this requires that we live not in the past with old regrets or obsessing about former experiences. Nor should we dismiss the present day and overly focus on the future.

In reality, true joy is found in each day, experiencing that which is worthwhile and feeling grateful for things we usually take for granted.

Thus, to experience true and lasting joy, we must live in the moment.

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What Does It Mean To Live In The Moment?

Mindful.org tells us living in the moment (also known as mindfulness) is the essential human ability to be fully present in the current moment. We are aware of where we are and what we’re doing. Yet, we are not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s happening around us.

Though mindfulness may sound easy, it requires time and practice to learn. We humans are often more grounded in negative thinking, our pasts, or the future than we’d like to think.

Such as jumping to the wrong conclusions, running away from conversations we don’t want to have, or verbally exploding when we feel someone is stepping on our toes.

It’s like an individual being unhappy with their job. As a result, the person spends hours daydreaming about winning the lottery and living on the beach. Or he desperately wonders how to escape his unhappiness by founding a multimillion-dollar corporation with $50.

Instead, living in the moment means focusing on the here and now. Thus, it is to immerse yourself in the small things that you rarely notice.

Such as the smell of dinner cooking or a beautiful flower in a sidewalk crack. Maybe it’s your child’s proud smile as she shows you her latest artwork.

Mindfulness means enjoying what’s right before you instead of thinking about something else.

You Have Control Of Mindfulness

Think about it this way.

The present is the only moment in time in which we have control. The past is already gone. And the future is unknown.

But, the present?

How you react to this moment determines your next step. Then this moment leads to the next moment.

Will you react in a way that leads to a good outcome? Or to a negative result?

Only you have the power to decide.

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Live in the moment by enjoying family

How Does Living In The Moment Benefit You?

Living mindfully positively affects you in several ways.

Studies reveal that living in the moment improves cognition, decision-making, and emotional states, lowers stress and anxiety, and prevents overthinking. Plus, it creates feelings of well-being.

In addition, living mindfully improves overall health.

Practicing mindfulness lowers blood pressure and the risk of heart disease. It also reduces a person’s risk of stroke.

In addition, there are social benefits too. Possibly, due to increased relaxation and improved mental state, mindfulness allows us to make deeper connections in our relationships.

Also, focusing on the present slows the mind and allows more efficient control over emotions, resulting in a sensation of calmness and peace.

People living in the present are generally happier. This is likely due to feeling less stressed and primarily focusing on present-day blessings.

What Is Preventing You From Living In The Moment

There are several reasons why it’s difficult to practice mindfulness. We get into negative thought patterns and run from moments that could be positive growth experiences. Here are the primary culprits for our inability to live in the present.

  1. Racing thoughts cause a loss of focus.
  2. Worrying about every possible thing that could go wrong. And experiencing anxiety about each negative outcome as if it had already happened.
  3. Social Media – the practice of staring at a screen for hours while ignoring everything happening around you.
  4. External Distractions such as television, background noise, or crowds.
  5. History of Trauma – Physical and emotional trauma affect emotions and thoughts that hampers the affected individual’s function. Often, professional help is needed before the person can move forward.
  6. Over-planning for the future – when a person looks towards the future more than remaining in the present, the result is discontentment. As always, life requires a healthy balance. However, this is not to say that planning is wrong. But obsessive planning is unhealthy for one’s emotional state.
  7. Regrets about the past. Our past is over and done with. Alas, we cannot change it. But we can learn from it and try to correct old wrongs. In effect, punishing oneself over past errors only brings self-despair. Instead, you might want to give yourself credit for learning the lesson.
  8. Maladaptive behaviors and inadequate coping skills exist when we ignore problems or don’t understand how to cope. However, one can seek professional help to learn healthy behaviors.
  9. Short attention spans are often a problem with focus and internal drive. This problem is often due to distractions, anxiety, or Attention Deficit Disorder.

What better way to live in the moment than reading a book in a hammock?

How To Live In The Moment And Be More Mindful

First, it’s essential to spend time every day enjoying peaceful activities. Rid yourself of distractions and give the moment your full attention.

Focus only on what’s happening at this moment. What are you seeing, feeling, hearing, and smelling?

If your thoughts begin wandering, immediately bring them back to the present.

Think about cuddling with a baby. Your entire being is immersed in holding the baby securely and safely. You notice how tiny the baby is and how little he weighs. You’re mesmerized by his facial expressions and firm grip on your finger.

Also, you feel amazed by the soft coos, toothless smiles, and the overall sweetness of the experience.

This is how it is to live in the moment. You are fully engaged and absorbed in the current event.

Now, let’s look at some ways you can practice mindfulness.

20 Ways To Live In The Moment

  1. Focus only on elements of the current moment. How does it affect all five senses?
  2. Every day, choose five to 10 things you are grateful for.
  3. When worrisome thoughts occur, visualize a big stop sign in your mind’s eye. Momentarily force your mind to go blank. Then, guide your thoughts back to the present.
  4. Look at each moment as a gift. We never know how much time we have remaining to savor our lives. Hence, the more moments we treasure, the more value it adds to our lives.
  5. Avoid overplanning and inflexibility. An open mind allows for less stress when things don’t go as planned. Having a flexible nature makes it easier to figure out the next step. And as we’ve already mentioned, too much planning prevents you from enjoying what’s happening now.
  6. Soothe your anxious mind with these calming techniques. When the mind is calmer, it helps us think more clearly.
  7. Try Meditation. Because it improves focus, creates an environment of mindfulness, decreases burnout, and improves sleep quality. How To Relax guides you through a fantastic meditation experience.
  8. Do something kind for yourself and cherish the experience. Such as a facial or massage.
  9. Perform deep breathing exercises. Do seven to ten repetitions of deep, slow breaths, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. It helps if you close your eyes.
  10. Listen to music. Focus on the lyrics and the beat. And sing along to release some stress!
  11. Read a great book. Try to get through at least 30 pages a day.
  12. Make the most of meaningful relationships. Spend time with people who make you happy.
  13. Spend time on creativity. Write a song, paint, draw, play an instrument, or build something. It’s fun to create!
  14. Perform random acts of kindness. How does it make you feel to help someone?
  15. Forgive past hurts. And let go of anger. Anger and joy do not coexist.
  16. Avoid over-dwelling on past accomplishments and failures. Living in the past prevents remaining in the present.
  17. Always attempt to notice your surroundings. And experience the beauty around you.
  18. Focus on one thing at a time. Avoid multitasking which gives less than 100% focus to either task.
  19. Avoid jumping to conclusions. It’s likely the wrong conclusion, and that never ends well.
  20. Find something to celebrate every day.

Relaxation by self-care is a mindful activity.

Important Things To Remember About Mindfulness

While learning to become more mindful, remember these factors for achieving success.

  1. Learning how to live in the moment takes time. So, be patient with yourself.
  2. Look to nature for mindfulness. Your natural surroundings have much to offer as a calming influence.
  3. Keep a healthy balance in all areas of life. Such as between work and play.
  4. Never forget that worry and anxiety only steal your joy. Neither belongs in the current moment.
  5. Remove negative influences which also steal your joy. Negativity also doesn’t belong in your present.
  6. Figure out what makes you happy. Then put 100% effort into doing it as often as you can.
  7. Put distractions in their proper place. Refrain from allowing them to take over the present.
  8. Get enough sleep. The mind and body require sufficient rest to work properly. And you’ll have difficulty feeling happy when your batteries are not adequately charged.
  9. Make the most of time behind the wheel by listening to audio tapes or catching up on phone calls. But remember to use Bluetooth for safety.

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Wrap It Up

When a plan fails, or things don’t happen the way you want, it’s pointless to make excuses or focus on what could have happened.

Instead, focus on what you can do at this moment. This is your power.

Some individuals believe that having possessions bring happiness.

But this is untrue. Owning things offers no help for us regarding life in the present. Too many possessions are external distractions. And mindfulness is internal.

The truth is, we are the only ones who power our happiness. First, it starts with the ability to live in the moment. And second, it ends with being grateful for the good in our lives.

And now, I think you’re ready to take it from here.

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