Change Your Perception; Change Your Life; Breakthrough To Joy

“Miracles happen every day. Change your perception of what a miracle is, and you’ll see them all around you.” Jon Bon Jovi

We see the world not as it is but through our perception of it. Therefore, we believe our perception is reality. However, perception is only part of the picture.

In truth, we live up to our perception because we believe it is the truth.

So, if you believe things are bad and there is no hope, there probably isn’t.

But if you believe things can change and then find ways to make it happen, there’s a good chance you’ll find a solution to any problem.

What Is Perception?

According to the article, change-your-life, perception means seeing a situation from one vantage point. To change one’s perception, the same event must be seen from a different viewpoint. Thus, one attaches a different meaning to the event.

Reality is the true state of things, and perception is our version of reality. Therefore, if you change a negative mindset or unhealthy perception, you can change your reality and, therefore, your life.

From a world of darkness, you can find the light. From sadness, you can find joy. The process takes time. This is not a quick change.

And it is not always easy.

Sometimes, self-perceptions or mindsets are so damaging that a little extra help, such as professional assistance, is needed.

But change is always possible, even when it doesn’t seem so.

If you generate positive energy, it will be reflected in your life. But, if you create negative energy? Well, you get out of this world what you put into it.

Why Should You Change Your Perception?

Closing our minds to what’s around us and thinking negatively blinds us to the beauty in our world. Such as colorful flowers in Spring, the smell of rain, birds singing, a child’s laughter, etc.

If you are a skeptic, let me show you a little motivational video about Chris’s story. After he suffered a brutal injury, the doctors told him he would never walk again. But, Chis had a different perception than that of his doctor.

While everyone with a spinal cord injury may not experience Chris’s level of success, how does one know without putting in the effort? For months, he forced his muscles to bear weight and relearn how to move again, enduring endless hours of grueling therapy!

The human will is incredibly strong when accompanied by determination and a goal with a plan.

Danny’s Struggle To Live

Take the story of my husband, Danny. Danny woke up one week before his 45th birthday and found himself struggling to breathe. He was sent to a cardiologist for a workup.

Upon discovering he had Congestive Heart Failure, Danny began learning how to live with his diagnosis. But, his condition continued to decline.

A few months later, Danny was instructed to go home and get his affairs in order.

However, our perception was different from that of the cardiologist. With the help of our primary care physician, we got Danny to Baylor Medical Center in Dallas. There, he found the level of care he needed. And happily lived for years afterward.

Hence, the moral of Danny’s story is never to give up at the first sign of defeat. After all, defeat is only a perception. If you see a problem as solvable, then it becomes so.

While continuing to ignore problems only makes them grow larger.

Change your perception, and you change your life!

Two Coworkers With Differing Perspectives

Let’s take a look at two coworkers from my Nine to Five employer.

When instructed about added duties and responsibilities coming our way, one employee was excited about a new challenge and developed a “work smarter” plan. She also embraced the overtime offered to us.

However, another employee had a different view.

The second coworker was disgruntled with the extra work. She complained to everyone on the team.

In addition, she made little effort to incorporate the new responsibilities into her routine. Even though time was available.

The unhappy coworker became such a downer that everyone else began avoiding her. Plus, they had to cover her part of the extra workload.

But, guess which employee got a raise, a bonus, and is in line for a promotion?

When you steer your mindset and personal views toward positive outcomes, indeed, you can change your life!

The Top 10 Negative Self-Perceptions

Are you guilty of the top ten negative perceptions?

  1. I’m not good enough.
  2. I’m not smart enough.
  3. I’m too broke to enjoy life.
  4. I’m not pretty enough.
  5. The world is against me.
  6. Everybody seems to hate me.
  7. My boss doesn’t like me.
  8. My personality doesn’t allow for a happy social life.
  9. I’m a boring person.
  10. There’s nothing better out there for me.
Misguided self-perception prevents seeing our true self.

Misguided self-perception prevents us from seeing the true value in ourselves and the future.

Ten Positive Self-Perceptions To Strive For

  1. I can do anything I set my mind to do.
  2. I can research and study everything I need to learn.
  3. It’s okay not to be perfect.
  4. I can find a better job or take on an extra job if I choose.
  5. I can start my own business and be successful.
  6. I am as pretty as I need to be, and I love my smile and big heart.
  7. I will not project negative thoughts onto others. Instead, I will encourage and support those around me.
  8. I can learn how to be a good conversationalist. I will make one new friend this week by joining a ___________ club/organization.
  9. I have started a new hobby that I love.
  10. I can reach all of my goals if I am true to myself, learn what I need, have a plan, and do not give up.

Why Is It So Hard To Change One’s Viewpoint?

In truth, each person carries personal responsibility for our perceptions and actions.

But it’s easy to become overwhelmed, lazy, or make excuses. This keeps us from admitting we are at fault. In addition, blaming something or someone else allows us to avoid expending any energy to improve the situation.

Making excuses means things never change. Without changing negative mindsets and perceptions, people cannot grow and develop to their full potential.

Some of us are unable to see our faults. When we can’t (or won’t) see what needs changing, growth and development aren’t going to happen. So, it’s important to admit we are not perfect and stop blaming our woes on external factors.

Instead, we can take action by breaking down personal flaws. Next, we must figure out what to do about them. This means taking responsibility for ourselves and following our own paths.

It’s common to feel powerless when something negative happens. But you do have the power to take the problem by the horns and solve it! Thinking things through, asking for help, and researching what you need to know will bring solutions.

And never let anyone take that power away from you! Instead, use it to grow and become stronger!

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” Alice Walker

To Change Your Perception, First You Must Understand It

If you are reading this and realize it’s time for a change in how you see the world, the first thing to do is scrutinize the workings of your mind.

First, what are you able to tolerate? And what are you not able to tolerate? Why is that? Is it possible to adapt your perception and become more tolerant?

Next, what are your coping mechanisms? How can you use them to do good? Is it time to learn more efficient ways to cope? If so, check out these coping skills.

Third, how do you process information? Do you take things at face value? Or do you overthink everything to death? Both can be disruptive to peace of mind.

Overthinking is a wide entryway to chronic anxiety. It causes agony over situations that never occur. But being too trusting means you miss out on something that could impact your well-being.

Next, examine your self-image. Do your thoughts lean toward self-criticism or arrogance? Can you find opposing traits in your personality that provide the total picture instead of only part of it?

All of the above involves perception. Of which you have the power to change.

Everyone possesses good and bad qualities, but not all of us are aware of them. Once we examine our thought patterns, qualities, and abilities, we can form a truthful self-image that encompasses both good and bad.

Then, we can improve upon this new perception.

Ask your friends and family if you have trouble coming up with positive traits. You’ll probably be surprised at all of the good qualities they see in you!

The point is to balance negatives with positives so that you obtain a clear perception. A mindset that looks at only one side of an issue is always wrong.

Your Self-Perception doesn't mean it's true.

Instead Of Making Excuses, Alter Thought Patterns

Once you are aware of how your mind perceives negative thoughts, you can take action to change them into something positive. Thus you “tweak” the workings of your mind into something more favorable and helpful.

That means to stop looking for excuses such as, “I’m broke.” “I can’t keep up.” I’m not smart enough.” “He made me do it.”

These are distractors of happiness.

If you dislike your job, put it in perspective. What’s good about your work that balances the bad? Maybe this particular career allows you to enjoy a financially stable life. Or it gives you the relief of having health insurance for your family. Does it have flexible hours? Lots of vacation time?

Possibly, your job is exactly what you need right now, but it’s your negative perception that makes you unhappy. If this is the case, what can be done to change your perception?

However, if it is a loser job, you probably need to find a new line of work.

So, when you wake up to a stormy day, don’t let it rain on your parade. It’s no good to blame your bad mood on the weather. Instead, look for ways to make the most of your day.

Spend it by the fireplace reading a great mystery novel. Maybe, catch up on obligatory phone calls. Bake a cake.

Or go dance in the rain and make your neighbors smile!

How To Change Your Perception

Here are some important things to remember.

  1. It’s not easy breaking down mindsets and altering thought patterns.
  2. Altering thought processes takes time. Be patient with yourself.
  3. Changing perceptions from negative to positive requires daily practice. You are forming new habits, and it takes routine to achieve success.
  4. Practice living in the moment. Don’t let dark thoughts take more than a few minutes of your day! Count your blessings and notice the beauty of life around you. Such as family, home, relationships, nature, food, simple pleasures, and the mere Abundance Of Life.
  5. Have faith in yourself and expect positive outcomes. Learn how to trust your first instincts.
  6. Examine your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Find the positives in them and use them for your own good.
  7. Stay vigilant and catch yourself when negative thoughts begin sliding back in. You don’t want to go back there!
  8. Let go of the past. It’s there for us to learn from and not to be relived and questioned.
  9. Control bad moods. Resolve to be in a good mood instead.
  10. Treat yourself and others well. Both raise self-esteem. Do at least one nice thing for someone every day.
  11. Focus on self-improvement. Instead of wishing you could control others.
  12. Maintain a healthy life balance between work and play.

As you continue doing these things, you are retraining your brain. After a while, healthier thoughts start occurring more naturally. Meanwhile, old hurts, excuses, and unhealthy habits begin having less impact on your life.

But, when negative perceptions outweigh positive ones, it’s time to change one’s circumstances. And this takes courage.

Fear is a perception, and fear of change is real. But, pushing through that fear to find success changes fear into something positive.

Alter a negative self-image to see your strengths

Wrapping It Up

Perception plays a large role in personal happiness. Thus, small tweaks in thought processes can make big differences.

It’s like taking the perfect photo. Maybe one tiny movement to the right catches that perfect angle where the light is absolutely breathtaking!

If you have the power to create a negative mindset, you have the same power to create a positive mindset. Use visualization and positive energy to make the change.

Refuse to allow negative energy to follow you through the day. Shift your perception so it better serves you and improves your reality.

And leave damaging, chaotic thoughts behind to find beauty, hope, and joy in the future.

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