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21 Uplifting Things to Do When You’re Feeling Alone

Feeling alone often creeps up on us when we least expect it. It can hit you in a crowded restaurant or mall or strolling down the street and viewing happy neighborhood families. Loneliness is a sensation that more and more people find themselves experiencing.

It’s important to understand you’re not alone in feeling this way. However, taking proactive steps can morph your experience into an adventure of positive contentment and personal growth.

So, let’s discover how to be happy alone. We’ll start with small, positive actions and explore the 21 steps you can take to make the most of your solitude. It’s time to sow the seeds for a happier, more fulfilling solo experience.

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Creating Moments of Connection and Relationships

First, to alleviate loneliness, focus on nurturing existing relationships and seek new connections that will provide meaningful social support.

Current Friendships and Family Ties

Make time every week to maintain and strengthen relationships with friends and family. Schedule weekly phone calls or video chats to keep in touch if you can’t meet in person.

  • Set a standing date: Perhaps every Sunday evening is your video call night with your parents.
  • Join a book club or group: Shared interests create natural bonding opportunities. Some ideas include joining a book club or starting a weekly Bunco Club. You can even play Bunco online.

Exploring Community and Volunteer Opportunities

Invest your time in volunteer work. You’ll feel like part of a bigger community and build relationships if you make volunteering part of your routine. Local organizations often seek volunteers, providing a platform to meet new friends and allowing you to contribute to society.

  • Find local groups: Use platforms like Meetup.com to find groups that resonate with your interests.
  • Volunteering: Websites like VolunteerMatch.org can connect you with opportunities that align with your skills.

Navigating Online Interactions and Social Media

Use social media platforms to maintain social connections and forge new relationships. However, be mindful of online interactions—and seek genuine conversations. Never give out personal information, money, or passwords over social media or Messenger, even if you think you know the person.

  • Join online forums related to your hobbies or interests.
  • Selectively cultivate online friendships that have the potential to translate into meaningful offline connections.
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Personal Growth and Self-Care

Focusing on personal growth and self-care enhances your mental well-being while increasing self-worth. These are activities that usually include hobbies, health prioritization, and mindfulness practices.

Hobbies and Learning

Exploring hobbies and learning something new creates a sense of achievement and joy. Try your hand at art or other creative endeavors that interest you. Hobbies and increasing your knowledge base can greatly enrich a life that feels as if something is missing.

These activities stimulate your mind and provide a satisfying outlet for expression.

  • Start a Learning Project: Pick a topic you’re curious about and dedicate time to learn more.
    • Example: Take an online course in photography or painting. YouTube has great how-to videos, but many online courses are available in multiple subjects.
  • Artistic Hobbies: Try a new craft, such as knitting, drawing, or playing a musical instrument. Online lessons are available for these pursuits, as well.

Prioritizing Health Through Exercise and Nutrition

Your physical health is the cornerstone of self-care; incorporating exercise and attention to nutrition is vital. However, you can also use these activities to engage in socialization with others.

  • Routine Exercise: Commit to a regular exercise regimen that caters to your preferences and lifestyle. Try joining a local gym or yoga class. You could also ask a friend or neighbor to be your buddy for a daily walking program.
  • Balanced Diet: Focus on meals that contribute to your overall health. Attend community nutrition classes hosted by local health hospitals and healthcare providers.

Practicing Mindfulness and Self-Compassion

Mindfulness and self-compassion are valuable practices for maintaining mental health and developing a nurturing relationship with yourself. These self-care activities are highly enjoyable while decreasing stress and allowing you to relax and relish the moment.

  • Mindfulness Activities: Include practices such as meditation or deep breathing exercises into your daily routine. These activities sharpen the brain to enhance focus.
  • Self-Compassion Exercises: Try your hand at experiencing gratitude and self-appreciation by journaling and setting realistic goals. Start by writing down three things you’re grateful for each day and reflecting on personal achievements and areas for growth. This allows you to focus on positive outlets instead of lonely thoughts.
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Entertainment and Leisure Activities

Finding solace in entertainment and leisure activities can be a refreshing way to spend time when you’re feeling alone. Immersing yourself in music, losing yourself in a book or podcast, or attending events alone will provide comfort and enjoyment.

Enjoying Music and the Arts

Music can have a calming effect on your mind. Create playlists with your favorite songs or try new genres. Call a friend or go alone to attend a concert or music festival and connect with the energy of live performances.

If you enjoy nature sounds, take some time to listen to recordings of natural elements, such as ocean waves, a soothing waterfall, or forest ambiance.

Reading and Podcasts

Crack open a good book and escape into different worlds. Whether you prefer fiction, non-fiction, or poetry, reading is a solitary activity that allows you to travel through worlds of magic and adventure.

Podcasts are another area where you can revel in a wide array of subjects. This modern form of entertainment deals with every topic you can think of, including storytelling, sports, educational content, or comedy. Anyone can simply google to find a podcast of interest.

Attend Events When Feeling Alone

Empower yourself by attending local events like art exhibitions, theater productions, or community events alone.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, think about participating in nature-focused events or organizing a hiking and nature walk group.

Improving Physical and Mental Well-Being

Take steps to bolster your physical and mental well-being to enhance your quality of life. Positive actions such as getting adequate sleep or adopting a pet for companionship will likely lead to a healthier you.

Additionally, spending time in nature teaches you that you are indeed part of a bigger, amazing world. Meeting these basic needs will lessen the impact of feeling alone.

Importance of Sleep

Sleep Quality: Prioritize good sleep, which is crucial for refreshing the body’s systems. Aim for 7-9 hours of restful sleep each night to support a healthy brain balance and reduce risks associated with sleep deprivation, like increased blood pressure and poor mental well-being.

Benefits of Being with Animals and Nature

Connection with Animals:

  • Pets: Engaging with pets releases endorphins, boosting your mood and satisfaction.
  • Reduced Loneliness: Caring for animals reduces feelings of solitude.
  • Live Longer: Studies suggest pet owners may live longer thanks to increased physical activity and mental well-being.

Nature’s Impact: Experts tell us that time spent outdoors combats negative emotions and emphasizes the calming effect of natural surroundings on the body and mind.

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Learning to Enjoy Solitude and Independence

When you find yourself alone, try to view it as a valuable opportunity for self-growth and independence. Solitude doesn’t have to equate to loneliness; it can be a state where you build self-confidence and discover how to be happy on your own.

Create a goal you want to achieve but haven’t yet accomplished. Work out a realistic plan to meet the goal and take appropriate action. Changing your focus from feeling alone to living with purpose and adventure lessens the feelings of loneliness and may even permanently disband them.

Final Thoughts for Things to Do When You’re Feeling Alone

Being alone can solidify a sense of independence when you allow the spirit of self-improvement and personal growth into your life. Also, finding lasting companionship with others will positively impact lonely feelings. However, when you’re content with your own company, relationships become a choice rather than a necessity.

Making peace with solitude turns it into a personal strength. Enjoy your own company and how it empowers you. As you experience a fulfilling life on your own terms, you may find that life is more rewarding and authentic than you ever thought possible.

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  1. Great advice. I have been feeling pretty lonely lately, newly single and the holidays will do that. After reading this, I feel empowered to find a club or meet up group to be a part of. Thank you!

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