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The 20 Best Mindful Podcasts for Personal Growth Unveiled

Finding valuable moments of peace and personal growth can be challenging in the modern world. But as we navigate through the bustle of life, it’s crucial to find time for mindfulness and self-improvement. One remarkable way to achieve this balance is by tuning in to the best mindful podcasts 2023 has to offer.

Listening to a great podcast can be done anywhere; in the car, while working out, during your morning routine, or when getting ready for bed. That’s what makes this valuable pastime a no-brainer!

But with the thousands of podcasts out there today, it’s often overwhelming trying to find just the right program for you!

So, to help you along, we’ve compiled this fantastic list of the best mindful podcasts available today. These unique experiences provide a guiding light for self-improvement and life satisfaction. You can’t go wrong on your journey of personal transformation with these favorites!

Now, let’s explore the top 20 mindful and personal growth podcasts that are captivating listeners worldwide.

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1. Mindful Musings: The Inner Expedition Podcast

1. Mindful Musings: The Inner Expedition Podcast – is a captivating journey into the world of self-discovery and mindfulness hosted by the insightful mindfulness coach Maya Lawson. This podcast takes listeners through inner exploration and provides practical tips to seamlessly incorporate mindfulness into one’s daily life.

With insightful interviews, guided meditations, and discussions on various personal growth topics, this podcast is a treasure trove for anyone seeking inner peace and transformation. Additionally, It creates a safe and welcoming space for listeners to embark on a profound journey of self-awareness and transformation.

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2. 10% Happier

This popular podcast with Dan Harris, a well-known ABC News anchor and correspondent, focuses on exploring mindfulness, meditation, and personal growth from a practical and relatable perspective. The title “10% Happier” refers to the idea that mindfulness and meditation can contribute to a noticeable increase in overall happiness and well-being, even if it’s not a dramatic transformation.

In “10% Happier,” Dan Harris invites a wide range of interesting guests to discuss their experiences and insights related to meditation, mindfulness, and personal growth. The podcast aims to demystify these practices, making them accessible to a diverse audience. Guests often share their personal stories, struggles, and the practical benefits they’ve gained from incorporating mindfulness into their lives.

The program provides listeners with valuable insights, tips, and guidance on integrating mindfulness into daily routines, managing stress, and navigating challenges. It’s especially appealing to individuals who are curious about meditation and mindfulness but might be hesitant or unsure where to start. The conversations are down-to-earth, informative, and often sprinkled with humor, making them engaging and relatable.

The Mindful Coping-best mindful podcasts

3. The Mindful Coping

Host Jeff Krisman has over 20 years of experience practicing Mindfulness Coping. As a result, he provides listeners with an ongoing and increasing ability to cope more effectively with chaos and change.

This program makes the list of best mindful podcasts due to its focus on helping people cultivate an ability to be more present and calm during life changes. Additionally, listeners can develop a focused mind when dealing with challenging situations. Jeff’s aim is to help people become more “comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

Listeners can expect to learn how to cultivate a greater quality of life and more meaningful relationships with others. The end goal is to stop taking our past hurts into every social encounter and enjoy more satisfying interactions. Listeners will come to see that positive and meaningful change is possible.

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4. The Breathwork Club

The Breathwork Club is a quality podcast designed to help you connect with your breathing. Each episode brings you simple and accessible tips and techniques for harnessing the amazing resource of our own breathing. The music of Irish composer Gareth Quinn Redmond is featured on each program.

Each comforting breathing exercise is designed to tackle one certain problem area such as pain, release of stress, creating physical energy, and aiding sleep. This mindful podcast is supported by scientific studies based on the health benefits of breathing exercises.

5. Meditation for Anxiety

This podcast is hosted by Katie Krimitsos and brought to you by the Women’s Meditation Network. Meditation for Anxiety features guided meditations to help you ease anxiety, stress, and worry.

Viewers can expect to learn how to relieve anxiety through a process called mindful meditation. These guided meditations can be performed anytime you want to feel more calm, peaceful, and relaxed. Each episode provides an exercise with a specific target, such as improving sleep, releasing tension, and getting rid of negative thoughts.

We can do hard things-best mindful podcasts

6. We Can Do Hard Things

A podcast that focuses on helping listeners do hard things every day. Topics include loss, difficult relationships, battling addiction, illness, loneliness, caring for others, and career struggles. Host Glennon Doyle and her family fight for equality, purpose, joy, and peace right in the midst of all the hard.

These hosts talk honestly about the hard parts of life. This is a podcast about laughing, crying, and helping each other carry the hard. This, so we can all live a little bit lighter. Each spirited episode helps viewers to feel more free and less alone.

7. The Self-Help Podcast

The program has two hosts, Edward Lamb and his sidekick, Sean Orford. Sean has spent a large chunk of his life talking to people and helping them overcome various obstacles. He is also a fully qualified psychotherapist.

With these two lively minds, you have 20-30 minutes of interesting debate, enjoyable discussion, and enlightening reflection on a set topic.

Ultimately, The Self Help Podcast aims to give listeners a better understanding of the world around them. Additionally, these hosts have the goal of helping you understand yourself better as well.

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8. The Good Life Project

Hosted on Acast, this program explores questions and topics pertaining to what it means to live a good life. Each episode focuses on a different topic: happiness, health, friendship, love, work, wealth, purpose, service, and others.

The Good Life Project utilizes leading experts and professionals from health, science, art, industry, mindset, and culture. Previous guests have included Matthew McConaughey, Mel Robbins, Alex, Elle, Yung Pueblo, Maya Shankar, Mitch Albom, and Glennon Doyle.

9. Wake Me Up

Wake Me Up is a one-of-a-kind podcast that uses mindfulness, meditation, affirmations, movement, and motivation to start your day on a positive note. Its aim is to change your life by changing how you start the day.​

If you have trouble getting up in the morning, this is the podcast you need. Additionally, you can start from your own bed! It contains a little bit of everything and is designed to get your day flowing the right way. Viewers love the positive energy and often see improvements in productivity.

The Happiness Lab-Best mindful podcasts

10. The Happiness Lab

Yale professor, Dr. Laurie Santos, hosts this eye-opening podcast which delves into the scientific phenomena of happiness. She bases the program on the psychology course she teaches at Yale. To this day, it remains the most popular class in the university’s 300-year history.

According to Dr. Santos, many of us do the exact opposite of what actually makes our lives better. Listen and learn as she explores the latest scientific research. Plus, she is sure to share some surprising and inspiring stories that will challenge how you think and feel about happiness.

11. Mindfulness Mode

Mindfulness Mode – is a podcast hosted by Bruce Langford, a mindfulness coach and advocate. This podcast is dedicated to exploring the multifaceted aspects of mindfulness and its transformative impact on various areas of life.

This interactive program covers a wide range of topics regarding mindfulness, personal growth, and holistic well-being. Bruce brings in experts from different fields to share their expertise and experiences as well. These conversations examine the utilization of mindfulness in areas such as relationships, health, career, and emotional well-being.

The podcast often includes guided meditation sessions led by Bruce himself. These meditations vary in length and focus on practices like stress reduction, relaxation, and cultivating self-awareness. Mindfulness Mode’s soothing sessions serve as practical takeaways that listeners can immediately incorporate into their daily routines.

Listeners of the program can expect to gain a deeper understanding of mindfulness principles, learn how to integrate mindfulness into their lives, and explore its positive effects on their overall well-being.

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12. Being Well

With a new episode every Monday, Being Well is hosted by Forrest Hanson and his father, clinical psychologist Dr. Rick Hanson. Along with a world-class group of experts, your hosts lead you on a guided exploration of the state of well-being.

This program makes the list of best mindful podcasts due to its focus on emotion. The Hansons reveal key insights from psychology, science, and other practices for building lasting inner strength, overcoming challenges, and enjoying life on a daily basis. Subjects include a wide variety of topics such as emotional intelligence, dealing with fears and anxiety, mindfulness, and more.

Listeners can expect to learn valuable lessons in the art of emotional intelligence and quality techniques for managing emotional distress.

Untangle-best mindful podcasts

13. Untangle

Our list of best mindful podcasts would not be complete without this self-development jewel.

Untangle is dedicated to exploring mindfulness, meditation, and personal growth. Hosted by Patricia Karpas, the program features conversations with a diverse range of experts, thought leaders, and practitioners who share insights, techniques, and stories related to well-being and inner transformation.

Guests have expertise in various fields, including mindfulness, psychology, neuroscience, spirituality, and more. The podcast offers listeners practical tools and strategies to navigate the complexities of life while creating a greater sense of presence, purpose, and overall well-being.

What makes Untangle unique is its emphasis on making mindfulness and personal growth accessible to everyone. The conversations are down-to-earth and relatable.

These laid back discussions are suitable for individuals who are both new to mindfulness and experienced practitioners. The podcast avoids jargon and focuses on offering reasonable but helpful advice that listeners can incorporate into their daily lives.

Episodes cover a wide range of topics, such as stress reduction, emotional resilience, mindfulness for children, the science of happiness, creativity, and more. Also the podcast also features guided meditation sessions led by experienced teachers, allowing listeners to engage in mindfulness practices firsthand.

These meditation sessions are designed to help listeners develop a deeper connection with themselves and cultivate a greater sense of calm and presence.

14. The One You Feed

The One You Feed is a popular self-help and personal development podcast hosted by Eric Zimmer and Chris Forbes. The program takes its name from a well-known parable about two wolves representing the internal struggle between good and evil.

In this parable, a wise elder explains that the winning wolf is the one you feed. The podcast focuses on this concept and helps listeners feed the “good wolf” within themselves.

The One You Feed features a wide range of guests, including authors, psychologists, spiritual teachers, scientists, and other experts. These guests share their insights, experiences, and strategies for living a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Some of the subjects covered include mindfulness, self-improvement, mental health, personal growth, resilience, relationships, and more.

Mr. Zimmer has a background in mindfulness and personal development. He himself has gone through significant challenges in life, including addiction and recovery.

The host’s experiences add a personal and relatable touch to the conversations on the podcast. As a result, listeners can gain valuable insights, practical tips, and inspiration to make positive changes in their own lives.

15. Bewildered

A podcast for people who are trying to figure it out. Hosts Martha Beck and Rowan Mangan help listeners find answers to everyday problems. This quick-thinking and inspiring duo helps you get to the root of an issue when you feel “bewildered.” A must-see for anyone who has difficulty making decisions or who constantly second guesses themselves.

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The Gathering Pod-A Self-Improvement podcast

16. The Gathering Pod

 This is a virtual gathering meant to soothe your soul and help you be the very best you possible. Each week, Martha Beck touches on a spirituality or personal growth topic that will spark your curiosity and leave you wanting more. Afterward, Martha opens the floor to questions from live viewers.

With widely-ranging topics such as mental health, resilience, finding friends, and how to ask for help, these discussions engage and support viewers on a journey of self-knowledge. And with the element of interactive surprise, anything goes!

17. Pathway to Happiness

Gary van Warmerdam is a self-help specialist and author who shares how to change one’s negative thoughts, emotions, emotional reactions, and behaviors. Thus, through his podcast, he works to change your beliefs (most of which are sub-conscious) and release repressed emotions.

Through self-analysis and awareness, listeners learn how to recognize self-destructive behaviors and eliminate them to live happier lives. Some subjects discussed in the podcast include fear and doubt, false beliefs, spirituality, emotions, listening skills, habits, and relationships.

Listeners can improve their lives by learning to focus on what’s right in front of them, even when self-negativity has prevented past understanding.

18. Pulling the Thread

Elise Loehnen hosts this self-awareness podcast. Featuring 45-minute conversations with leading experts about life’s biggest questions: What makes us behave the way we do? How can we make ourselves better? How can we heal and build a better world? Featured guests include renowned authors, experts, doctors, healers, and scientists.

Pulling the Thread explores tough questions that many people are afraid to ask, such as dealing with trauma, acceptance, and much more. This is a good fit for viewers who enjoy the nitty gritty, down, and dirty.

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19. At Home With Byron Katie

Byron Katie is a well-known author, speaker, and teacher who developed a self-inquiry method known as “The Work.” “The Work” involves questioning one’s thoughts and beliefs to explore their validity and help alleviate suffering.

Individuals are encouraged to identify and question stressful thoughts. Through this self-inquiry method people can achieve personal growth and inner peace.

In the podcast, Katie invites your mind to become still as you relate what you hear on the program to your life. Learn how to rewire your thoughts from the impossible to the possible. Afterward, listeners can expect to feel a heightened sense of freedom from worries and emotional pain.

On Being-A Personal Growth podcast

20. On Being

“On Being” is a widely acclaimed podcast hosted by Krista Tippett. This best mindful podcast contender is known for its deep and meaningful explorations of subjects such as spirituality, ethics, and philosophy. Additionally the program examines how these topics intersect with science, arts, and culture.

Be ready for engaging and thought-provoking conversations with a diverse array of guests. The podcast delves into themes such as love, compassion, belonging, purpose, and the nature of existence.

What sets On Being apart is its commitment to fostering understanding and meaningful dialogue. These conversations are in-depth explorations allowing guests to authentically share their insights, experiences, and perspectives. Ms. Tippett’s skillful and empathetic interviewing style often leads to uncovering profound insights and wisdom from her guests.

In addition, topics cover love, relationships, faith, doubt, the search for meaning, social justice, and the interconnectedness of all things. Frequently, written articles, videos, and live events are featured, adding to the diversity of the program.

Wrapping Up Best Mindful Podcasts

These 20 mindful and personal growth podcasts serve as beacons of light, guiding us toward personal transformation. With little time to ourselves, simply listening to their wisdom and insights helps us to embark on a journey of growth.

This valuable addition to our day enriches our inner world and our interactions with the external world.

Whether you’re seeking to enhance your relationships, navigate challenges, boost your creativity, or lead a more balanced life, these podcasts offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to help you thrive in 2023 and beyond. So, plug in your earphones, press play, and let the journey to mindfulness and personal growth begin!

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