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How To Get Inspired When You Feel Like Giving Up

Life can be challenging, and it’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed and discouraged at times. However, it’s essential to keep going and remain motivated, even when the road ahead seems long and difficult.

But staying focused becomes less challenging when you use the correct strategies.

Instead of giving up, keep reading to learn how to get inspired.

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Celebrate small victories along the way

When working towards meeting your goals, it’s easy to get caught up in the end result. Thus, you may forget to celebrate the small victories along the way. But taking time to acknowledge and celebrate your progress can keep you motivated and focused.

When you complete one step of a difficult task or reach a milestone, always take a moment to pat yourself on the back. Congratulate yourself on your hard work. Positive reinforcement helps you stay motivated, even when it’s self-inspired. It also builds self-confidence.

Furthermore, whatever you’re doing, be it work projects or something else, it’s important to take time to recharge your batteries. Otherwise, you won’t have enough energy to meet your goals.

This means it’s necessary to take rest breaks and enjoy time for fun, even when you’re at your busiest. Rest breaks are often when new ideas start flowing. Therefore, if you’re wondering how to get inspired, this is your first strategy to remember.

How Do You Get Inspired?

Inspiration is found all around us. We just need to know where to look. Becoming inspired means being receptive and open-minded to the good things in life. Inspiration is found in a child’s smile, a stranger’s gratitude at your offer of assistance, or when a friend does something unexpectedly nice. It happens when taking heart from those positive moments and internalizing them.

Inspiration is often found in the small things that make up life. It’s the joy we feel in our daily experiences. And sadly, we often take these very things for granted. However, simply lifting our mood allows the mind to expand enough to let in fresh ideas.

Therefore, strategy number two is to actively seek the small things that are easily missed. Such as the wonder of a perfectly formed rose. Or enjoying the sun shining on your face when eating lunch outdoors. It means emptying your mind of jumbled thoughts and filling it with something fresh and new.

When I’m experiencing writer’s block and need inspiration, it helps to set my work aside and take a break. The dogs love when I take them to the dog park. While they play, I meet new friends and find inspiration in the life around me.

Let’s talk about some strategies and tips to help you become inspired, as well.

Wondering how to get inspired? Get ideas from others.

Eight Mood Boosters To Help You Become Inspired

  1. Buy or pick a fresh bouquet of flowers for your workspace or home. The lovely scent and beautiful flowers are a definite mood booster. However, if you also send flowers to a loved one, it makes their day, inspiring feelings of happiness for you in return.
  2. Read an inspirational book. Encouraging stories and biographies inspire you to work harder for success. I recommend “You Are A Badass” by Jen Sincero. You can find it here:
  3. Volunteer with a local organization. Performing good works helps us see we are part of a bigger picture. This inspires us and lends perspective and clarity to our thoughts. You can find volunteer opportunities online.
  4. Commune with nature. Breathing fresh air while admiring Mother Nature’s intricate patterns and invigorating smells revives low spirits. In addition, exercise spurs creative energy, such as hiking or walking, sports, or enjoying a waterpark.
  5. Connect with others. Spend time with a mentor or trusted friend. Bouncing ideas off others also offers fresh, new perspectives. Indeed, we can get caught up in a narrowed vision. But encouragement and support from others help us expand our views to discover new ideas.
  6. Start a Self-Awareness Journal. Jotting down random and motivational thoughts lead to the development of coherent and inspiring ideas. Plus, you can identify individual strengths and weaknesses to see where self-improvement is needed. Personal development allows you to reach new heights.
  7. Study Inspirational quotes. Repeating favorites out loud and using sticky note reminders creates confidence. My favorite is “What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”—Ralph Waldo Emerson.
  8. Try something you’ve never done before. New experiences break us out of the rut we often find ourselves in. Learning or doing something new builds confidence and knowledge while relieving monotony.
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More Strategies For Finding Inspiration

  1. This idea may cause anxiety, but it works. You must get out of your comfort zone to experience personal growth and development. Pushing ourselves and experiencing success provides motivation and confidence to keep going. However, failure helps us learn and improve upon current knowledge so we can succeed next time.
  2. Make a vision board. Visualizing your future success breeds determination and inspiration to continue along your path. It provides you with intrinsic motivation to succeed.
  3. For an entertaining but educational break, visit a zoo, museum, or other attraction. It’s okay giving yourself permission to break out of your normal routine and have fun before diving back into responsibility. Taking a break rests and invigorates your mind so it’s ready for work.
  4. Learn how to meditate about getting what you want. Like journaling, meditation is an act of self-care that helps boost energy levels and motivation. In addition, meditation helps the brain work more efficiently. Like a vision board, it helps you imagine impending success.
  5. Pray. Prayer is a source of inspiration for millions of people as it empowers and strengthens the praying person.
  6. Go places where you’re sure to meet new people. Making new friends, enjoying the stories of others, and experiencing different beliefs and cultures, opens the mind to new possibilities. And new possibilities lead to inspiration.
  7. Study successful people online. Discover their formula for success and determine what you can learn from it.
  8. And last but not least, follow your passion. If you don’t do what you love, be it work or a hobby, finding any passion for something else will be difficult.

A Surprising Source of Inspiration

Here’s one idea that will surprise you. You may even want to laugh it off. But science has proven that becoming a young child again promotes creative thinking. Thus, you might try reliving some of your childhood favorites, such as cheerful songs and games like Hopscotch or Red Rover.

And we all enjoy swings and slides at the park, so live it up! It’s not only fun, but it stimulates intellectual abilities!

For more information on how nostalgia promotes personal growth, see the benefits-and-trappings-of-nostalgia.

How to get inspired when you lack motivation

See this highly-rated tool to get your inspiration flowing:

Wrapping up How to Get Inspired

It’s easy to lose motivation when you wear more than one hat. It takes a fair amount of energy to maintain your many responsibilities. Thus, finding that energy means rest, trying new experiences, emotional support, and pursuing other interests.

In other words, you must fill up your tank when it runs out of gas.

As we all know, once motivation has been lost, it requires fresh inspiration to get it back. And now you know where to find it.

Simply by changing your perception about the good things in life and becoming more aware of the intricacies around you, inspiration will find you!

Where you go from there is up to you.


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