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In A Rut? Climb Out And Find Your Joy!

Are you in a rut and don’t know what to do with yourself? Do you feel like life is passing you by?

Maybe you feel as if you have no purpose or don’t have enough fun. Possibly, you’re just bored and out of ideas for things to do.

Well, get ready because this post has some great ideas for you!

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Who Else is Bored?

Boredom is a boulder-sized roadblock to happiness. According to researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, 63% of American adults experience boredom at least once every ten days.

So, if you’re feeling bored, you’re not alone. Many of us are right there with you.


The only way to get out of a rut is to get up and get going. To help you along, here are 23 unique ideas that will pry you out of your chair and back into life. Some of these tips may be life-changing, and others are more about increasing short-term satisfaction. But they all get you up and moving.

Try two or three, or do them all. It’s totally up to you!

1. Discover New Worlds With A Great Book

Use a public library card to learn about amazing new worlds. In addition, you can reserve and use a library’s public computers. Many libraries also offer classes, workshops, and public speakers.

DVD movies, audio cassette books, and magazines are also available. There’s often a children’s corner where little ones can play and read.

Be sure to bring your ID and proof of residence when applying for a library card. Children love having a card with their name on it, too.

woman and child reading at the library

2. Experience a Whole New Look

Visit a local make-up counter for a free mini-makeover. Go out on a limb and get spoiled with a full makeover by making an appointment ahead of time. And, in the process, enjoy letting the make-up expert teach you something new regarding skincare and make-up.

You can try Dillard’s, Ulta, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales (which always requires an appointment), NYX, and others. Be sure to ask for free samples to take home and try.

3. Explore New Adventures

Plan a trip. Do plenty of research about interesting places to visit, restaurants, and special attractions before you go. Check out new places you’ve never thought to visit, such as a Bed & Breakfast Inn or a national park.

Invite a friend or family member that you don’t see frequently to go along. It doubles the fun and helps cement a true bonding experience.

You can check out relevant books about places to visit with your new library card. Or visit a local bookstore. Additionally, Google is your friend.

You won’t feel like you’re in a rut when you’re planning a great trip!

Visiting Seattle with a good friend

My best friend and I went to Seattle for a few days. It was magnificent! We had so much fun getting out of a dull routine, and now we love talking about the great memories we made!

4. Walk The Beaten Path

Look for nearby hiking or walking trails. Take your dog, plenty of water, sunscreen, and maybe a friend!

Wear good shoes and a hat. Many towns have hidden trails inside city limits or nearby lakes and landmarks to explore. Call or visit your local visitor center to find out where they are (Or try Google).

5. Find Hidden Treasures

Explore small towns around you by visiting their shops, museums, visitor centers, and restaurants. Also, don’t hesitate to meet local residents and ask about the town’s colorful history.

Every town has its’ own personality and charm. You could find treasured experiences hiding right under your nose!

6. Enjoy Some Culture

Check out local museums you’ve never visited before, even if they feature subject matter that doesn’t match your interests. You could discover a new passion, learn something new, or meet someone interesting!

Michelangelo's sculpture of David

If you want to see breathtaking works of art or learn about interesting historical facts, visit a museum to see what it offers. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

7. Pick Up A New Skill

Take an online or site-based class. You could learn to play the harp, try a carpentry class, or even join the local theater!

But you could also learn to play an instrument, take art lessons, try a writing class, or possibly learn woodworking. The possibilities are endless! You might want to try taking a CPR class and learn how to save lives.

You won’t feel like you’re in a rut when you’re performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation!

8. Bring New Meaning To Life

Try attending church or a new ministry group. Find a group or organization that matches your beliefs and enriches your life without stifling it. According to The Surprising Benefits of Going to Church, the church is its’ own community, offering support and socialization.

When you join with others who share your beliefs, you’ll meet new people while refreshing your soul and bringing new purpose to your life.

9. Give Of Yourself

Volunteering allows you to become part of a larger community. Google local volunteer needs in your community and sign up for 2-3 new experiences. Volunteering connects one to the community and opens the door to a different world outside of one’s own familiar surroundings.

Research shows that helping others increases our individual sense of well-being. It’s possible that once you begin volunteering, you’ll want to keep going back. Get started with local community outreach HERE.

10. Give A New Companion A Home

Visit local animal shelters and adopt a pet. A rescued animal can give you companionship and change your life. Your grateful fur baby is likely to give you love in abundance.

But first, make sure you are prepared for the responsibility of pet ownership and have the patience and means to provide any training needed.

Sweet mini doberman pinscher

11. Make Someone’s Day

Bake a pie and take it to a neighbor, especially someone who lives alone or whom you’ve never met.

As a result, you could make a new friend or brighten someone’s day. Plus, doing a good deed just makes your heart smile.

12. Become The Block Hostess

Host a weekly/monthly coffee or brunch for your neighbors. Put a flag out in your yard or text everyone to let them know you’re hosting that morning. You can lay out a simple buffet with a few sweet rolls from the bakery or bake an easy breakfast casserole.

Your neighbors will love it and may want to take turns hosting their coffee brunch!

13. Become A Game Host

Start a book or gaming club. Bunco and Dominos are popular, as well as a variety of other games. Meet as often or as little as you want. Everyone can bring a potluck dish or a snack for the gathering.

Additionally, you can offer prizes to sweeten things up, such as a gift card. Everyone can throw in a few dollars to contribute to the prize. Before long, people from far and wide will be ringing your doorbell!

14. Mimic Joanna Gaines

If you have an artistic streak, make a plan to redecorate a room on a budget.

Then do a second room.

No doubt, you’ll have a blast exploring garage sales, flea markets, and resale shops to find lots of bargains. Buy everything used and refurbish items to look new again. Don’t forget to create your private sanctuary while you’re busy designing.

Check out Pinterest, which offers great suggestions and how-tos for creative ideas.

15. Learn Something New and Become An Expert

Exercise your brain and broaden your horizons by seeking a new hobby. Try something interesting that you’ve read about. You might also ask a friend to teach you about their hobbies. A few examples include birdwatching, art, writing, collecting, music, people-watching, etc.

Doing something with your hands can decrease stress while promoting a feeling of accomplishment. So, if you’re feeling creative, go ahead and draw those funky pictures or paint that crazy piece! It feels nice to create something from nothing.

Furthermore, you’re never too old to start something new. Ever heard of Grandma Moses? She was 76 years old when she started painting! Then she became famous for her charming folk artsy style!

Woman painting. Hobbies prevent feeling in a rut.

16. Add Extra Income

If you want to make extra cash in your downtime, look for a part-time job. Seek something interesting, such as a museum guide, interior decorator’s assistant, Christmas shop clerk, or tutor. Moreover, if you’re a people person, apply to be a Walmart greeter. You don’t feel like you’re in a rut when you’re somewhere you choose to be and earning $$ too!

17. Delve Into The Past

Go antiquing with a friend. Take a guidebook or smartphone with you to look up information on any interesting treasures you find. Delving into the past is an interesting hobby that teaches you how people lived long ago.

18. Search for Buried Treasure

Think about buying a metal detector and looking for buried treasure in your neighborhood. Spread out to public areas such as parks, canyons, rivers, and beaches. You never know what you might find, but it will likely be fun and interesting.

19. Reconnect With An Old Friend

Call someone you haven’t seen in a while and ask them to go for lunch and a movie.

This can be a bit uncomfortable at first, but don’t be shy! After you see how happy this makes someone, you’ll be glad you did! Soon, you’ll be catching up on old times and learning about new ones.

Afterward, you may want to make it a monthly date.

20. Bring Loved Ones Together

Organize a family reunion. In the event of limited finances, you could have a family-wide silent auction to help pay for it. Everyone can also help out by bringing a potluck dish.

Of course, out-of-towners can bring fast food, drinks, paper plates, cups, plasticware, and other disposable goods. In order to avoid high costs, have it at someone’s house or a local park. You can find great venues via the Internet.

Create a social media site and group chat to communicate with and update family members. In addition, put someone in charge of T-shirts, food lists, communications, etc. Don’t forget to charge a little extra for t-shirts to help pay for extras!


For more assistance, see

Exercising lady isn't in a rut.

21. Improve Your Health

Take up bicycling, walking, weightlifting, jogging, swimming, or a local exercise class. You can even form your own exercise group!

Of course, you could also join a gym! People 65 and older can look into programs such as Silversneakers.

Before long, your focus will be on your toned new physique. You won’t feel like you’re in a rut anymore! Plus, you’ll feel more healthy and energetic.

22. Give The Gift Of Your Story

If you feel nostalgic, try writing a book or making a video about your life. Future generations will greatly appreciate this treasure.

So much history is lost each time a loved one passes. It’s a wonderful gift to have family history in a book or on video so those who come after you can experience your autobiography.

However, your loved ones will enjoy your story even more if you share it with them while you’re still here. Then, they can discuss it and ask you questions.

But if an autobiography doesn’t interest you, try writing short articles or a book about a different subject or starting a journal.

23. Put Down The Cell Phone

Lastly, I’m going to give you some extra advice. This one is significant for climbing out of a rut!

Put your cell phone away more often and stop excessive mindless scrolling.

Even though it seems fun, thoughtless phone activity doesn’t help you feel fulfilled. It doesn’t challenge your mind unless you’re playing a game involving mind exercises, and even that is hard on your eyes and unused muscles after a while.

In fact, too much time on social media pulls you even deeper into a rut! You may even lose interest in other activities due to phone overuse. So, less time on the smartphone and more living make for a happier, healthier you!

In a Rut Pin

Wrapping Up In A Rut

Now that you have 23 fun and interesting ways to spend your time, why are you still sitting here? It’s time to get out of that chair, out of that rut, and go enjoy yourself!

You deserve it. And these fun, unique activities are waiting patiently for you.

Even better, some of these ideas cost nothing! So escape the boredom, refuse to stay in a rut, and go have fun!

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  1. You have offered many inspiring ways to get out of a rut, many of which I have implemented or will be this year. My favorite is to give a new companion a home. I’m all for rescuing animals. If you can find it in your heart to commit to caring for an animal they will bring you so much unconditional love and joy you will never be bored. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Amazing post as always! I love all the different ways you suggest getting out of a rut. I don’t think I have a favorite because they’re all great options. I look forward to reading more articles as always!

  3. It so true diving into a new book really does help. I remember when I started this fantasy series when I was depressed and it helped me find some joy in getting to read the next chapter of what was going to happen.

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