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35 Unusual Fall Activities to Spice Up Your Season

When we think of Fall, images of pumpkin patches, apple picking, and cozy sweaters often come to mind. While these activities are undoubtedly delightful, why not explore the road less traveled this Autumn? If this sounds appealing, keep reading for 35 unusual Fall activities to infuse your Autumn season with creativity, excitement, and a dash of uniqueness.

So, grab your scarf and prepare to enjoy a different and unique fall adventure!

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1. Leaf Peeping Safari

Our unusual Fall activities begin with taking a leaf-peeping safari. Explore nearby forests, meadows, and parks to find the most stunning and unique leaves to add to your collection. Everyone in the family can join in, and the winner collecting the most unique leaf can choose the next family activity.

2. Geocaching in Fall Foliage

Combine treasure hunting with the beauty of Fall foliage by geocaching in picturesque locations. Geocaching has become a popular and fun pastime in recent years. Who knows, you could get lucky! However, be sure to get the right supplies.

3. Glow-in-the-Dark Pumpkin Carving

Host a pumpkin carving party at night and use glow-in-the-dark paint to create eerie, luminous jack-o’-lanterns. You can vote among yourselves for the top three or post photos on social media to let your friends and followers choose the winner.

4. Harvest Moon Photography

Capture the beauty of the full harvest moon on your camera, and experiment with long-exposure shots to create mesmerizing images. Go for unusual and unique images like the moon slowly going through a basketball goal or colorfully reflecting over a still lake.

5. Fall Foliage Yoga

Practice yoga amidst colorful Fall foliage in a serene park or forest setting to rejuvenate both your body and soul. Lay your mat upon the leaves and enjoy crisp, clean air and cool breezes while the warm sun caresses your face. It’s a setting that allows you to travel anywhere in the world inside the power of your mind.

6. Haunted History Tour

Explore your city or a nearby town’s dark history. Take a haunted tour to uncover spooky stories and urban legends. Or try exploring and researching local unsolved mysteries to develop your own solutions. A little harmless scare is always fun.

7. Forest Bathing

Experience the restorative power of nature by immersing yourself in a forest or wooded area while embracing the Japanese practice of “shinrin-yoku.” Studies show that forest environments promote lower cortisol levels (a stress hormone), pulse rate, and blood pressure than city environments.

8. Scarecrow Making Contest

Organize a scarecrow-making competition with friends or neighbors and display your unique scarecrows in the front yard. Ask the neighbors to vote on their favorites and drop their votes in a collection box on the porch. Or put it on social media and ask your followers to vote.

Unique Fall activities include making a scarecrow

9. Fall Equinox Bonfire

Welcome the Autumn equinox by gathering friends and family for a bonfire and storytelling session under the stars. A bonfire is a cozy backdrop for sharing memories and stories with loved ones. Safety tip: be sure to check local restrictions and have resources ready to extinguish any fire that threatens to become out of control.

10. Visit a Ghost Town

Research former towns that used to exist in your county and try to find the long-lost sites where life happened long ago. But always be aware of safety hazards and risks to your well-being.

11. Corn Maze at Night

Navigate a corn maze after dark with only a flashlight – a thrilling twist on a classic fall activity. It is much more difficult at night than during the day. So, if you enjoy a good challenge, this unique activity is a good fit!

12. Zombie Run

Organize a zombie-themed charity run or party where you’ll either play a survivor or a zombie – it’s a fun and spooky twist on a traditional activity.

13. DIY Cider Pressing

Gather apples from a local orchard and create your own fresh apple cider using a cider press. It’s a great way to teach your children how to make something from scratch, just as the pioneers did.

14. Bat Watching

Go on a bat-watching expedition at dusk to witness these fascinating creatures in action. Being nocturnal, they can be found where it’s dark during the day, such as caves, underneath highway overpasses, old buildings, bridges, etc.

15. Apple Bobbing Relay Race

Turn apple bobbing into a competitive relay race with friends – a messy and amusing activity. Each team member must bob for an apple when it’s their turn before setting off on their lap. The first team to cross the finish line wins.

16. Scenic Hot Air Balloon Ride

Soar above vibrant fall landscapes in a hot air balloon for a breathtaking and unique perspective. You can look for a Fall hot air balloon festival near you.

17. Ghost Story Night

Gather around a campfire and share your scariest ghost stories with friends. Who can tell the scariest story? Add to the fun by making smores.

Campfire, smores, just add some ghost stories

18. Sunflower Maze

Explore a sunflower maze, an enchanting alternative to the traditional corn maze. If you can’t find one, you can plan to grow your own maze next year.

19. DIY Fall Costume Brunch

Host a brunch and invite everyone for delicious goodies while they create their own Fall costumes. Give a small prize for the most creative and unique costume.

20. Fall Book Club

Start a fall-themed book club where members read and discuss books set in the Autumn season. Moreover, you could keep going all year long, celebrating various holiday themes and cultural events each month. You might like this suspenseful novel by Lyn Cote.

21. Forest Fungi Foray

Learn about wild mushrooms and go on a guided foraging adventure to discover edible varieties. If you’re not a fan of mushrooms, look for nuts, such as pecans.

22. Nature Art

Create unique art pieces using acorns and other natural items that you collect from your backyard or a local park. Another activity to try is painting nature scenes on rocks.

23. Wine Tasting In A Vineyard

Visit a vineyard during the grape harvest season and enjoy wine tasting amidst the colorful vines. You may even get the opportunity to participate in a good old-fashioned grape stomping!

24. Full Moon Hike

Enjoy hiking guided by the silvery light of a full moon. It creates a new perspective of nature, and the sounds you hear at night are completely different than during the day.

25. Scenic Train Ride

Take a scenic train ride through the countryside, soaking in the Autumn scenery from a cozy seat. If this requires a weekend road trip, that’s all the better. Nature in the Fall offers some of the most beautiful sights in the world.

Train ride in Fall

26. Leaf Bath

Fill your bathtub or kiddie pool with fallen leaves and take a leafy bath, an unconventional way to appreciate the season. Add a little Fall scent to the water, and you’re ready to dive in. Don’t knock this unusual Fall activity until you try it.

27. Make Your Own Herbal Tea

Gather your favorite herbs like chamomile, lavender, and mint, and create your own herbal tea blends for cozy autumn evenings. Try one of these inviting recipes.

28. Pumpkin Chucking Contest

Build a pumpkin trebuchet or catapult and compete with friends to see who can launch a pumpkin the farthest. You can also compete against each other by throwing the pumpkins or some smaller gourds instead.

29. Campfire Cooking Challenge

Host a campfire cooking challenge where participants create delicious meals using only a campfire and basic ingredients. Afterward, everyone gets to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

30. Extreme Leaf Pile Jumping

Create the ultimate leaf pile and see how high you can jump into it. Enjoy the sound of leaves crunching in the crispy Autumn air. Additionally, this makes for a nice photo op.

31. Fall Origami Workshop

Learn the art of origami with Autumn-themed paper and create beautiful seasonal decorations. This is a fun and unusual activity to do with kids. You can get started here.

32. Midnight Meteor Shower Watch

Stay up late to witness a meteor shower with cozy blankets and hot cocoa. Additionally, you can enjoy lying outside and looking at the stars. Try finding different constellations using this handy guide.

33. Forest Soundscaping

Record the sounds of the forest during the Fall season and turn them into a unique musical composition. Or you could take photos and make an Autumn video.

34. Harvest Moon Picnic

Organize and enjoy a moonlit picnic on the night of the harvest moon. Enjoy some seasonal treats and celestial viewing. This is a thoughtful idea for a romantic date.

35. DIY Leaf or Flower Pressing

Last but not least on our list of unusual Fall activities is leaf pressing. This is done by collecting leaves from various trees or even Autumn flowers and then using them to create beautiful pressed leaf and flower art. Leaves and flower art are perfect for framing and make for great Fall decorations. Wikipedia has a nice tutorial for this, and several how-to videos are available online.

This handy tool will help you create beautiful Fall works of art.

Conclusion to Unusual Fall Activities

This Fall, break away from the usual routine and embrace the extraordinary. These 35 unusual Fall activities promise to make your season unforgettable, filled with adventure, creativity, and moments of pure joy.

So, put on your coziest sweater, grab your camera, and get ready to explore the enchanting world of Autumn in a whole new way.

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  1. Great ideas. I love geogaching. My husband introduced me to it when we became a couple (dating season). I still have a souvenir from solving one of the mysteries! I’d love to do a sunflower maze, DIY herbal tea, and try leaf pressing. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. My family certainly won’t get bored with all these fall activity ideas! I found several we can easily do, especially the glow-in-the-dark pumpkin painting.

  3. I love all these ideas! An apple bobbing relay sounds so fun! I’ve done a corn maze at night and it definitely added a spooky twist. Thank you for sharing these great ideas!

  4. My favorite on your list is the scarecrow making contest and the train ride in the fall. I bet my grandkids would love this! Fall is my favorite season and I especially love the cooler weather.

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