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25 Simple Ways To Make Your Home Cozy For Fall

The crispness of Fall brings a fresh, new perspective to the air around us. So, why not refresh your home and give it a cozy vibe? After all, a little change is an exciting and fun way to welcome this joyful time of new beginnings.

This post is for you if you are wary of plastic and resin decor from discount stores. We have plenty of original ideas to add joyful comfort and happiness to your home but don’t break the bank.

These 25 simple yet fun ways to update your seasonal decor are sure to make your home the coziest on the block!

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Colorful Decor to make your home cozy for Fall

17 Inside Tips For Fall Decorating To Make Your Home Cozy

  1. Instead of purchasing items, bring in the natural elements of Fall. Nature offers much in the way of seasonal decorations. Pumpkins, pinecones, cotton stalks, cinnamon sticks (tied with ribbon), leaves, nuts, and berries. Layer them in trays throughout the house while mixing in some books, candles, fall florals, rustic signs, etc.
  2. Create your own unique and Fall-flavored coffee bar. To do this, choose a small area in the kitchen or dining area and set up a coffee pot with mugs, cute signs, and attractive containers for sugar and flavorings. Nothing is more inviting and welcoming to friends than fresh coffee in the Fall!
  3. Or go a step further and create an Autumn theme for the kitchen. Then, match it with cute decor. For example, call it “Sue’s Spicey Fall Kitchen” and decorate it with jars of colorful spices, candles, scented potpourri, leaves, and cute signs. You can make your own signs which adds personality to any Autumn decor.
  4. The coziness of stone is always welcome when the air turns chilly. If you are not so fortunate as to have a rock fireplace in your home, you can build or purchase one. Find instructions on how to build a portable fireplace on You-Tube.
  5. Add wooden elements to your decor. Natural wood or architectural pieces add warmth and coziness. Additionally, you can often find interesting wood pieces in nature.
  6. Use lots of Fall fabrics: table runners swirling gracefully down table centers or draped under candle and leafy displays, Autumn placemats over colorful tablecloths, and seasonal towels in bathrooms and kitchens. And don’t forget to fill a large straw basket with cozy blankets and throws to add warmth for an Autumn chill.
  7. An adorable Fall-tiered tray is a favorite go-to that always wins many compliments. This set is already assembled for you and is one of the cutest you’ll ever see.
  8. Design your very own private, Fall-inspired space in a private nook or closet. Fill it with things you love, and add plenty of ambient lighting. Furthermore, if you’re not in the mood to share, let it be known this warm and happy retreat is yours alone.
  9. Make a Fall scrapbook with your family to display in your home.
  10. Fill your home’s interior with candles, string lights, and accent lamps. Leave your overhead lights off in the evening, using only your accent lighting.
  11. Next, put out decorative candy jars filled with peanuts and Kandy Korn. These two yummy ingredients taste amazingly like Fall and butterfingers when mixed together!
  12. Set out a cornucopia basket of fall-themed journals with a sign explaining the journals are complementary. Or you can fill the baskets with fruit and nuts.
  13. Put a thankful jar in a prominent area. Every day, each family member can drop in an anonymous note about something they are grateful for. Then, you can all enjoy reading the notes at the dinner table.
  14. Make a huge Autumn wreath for the front door. Additionally, have a family craft day to make wreaths with your kids. Get creative decorating everyone’s bedroom door with the finished projects.
  15. Play relaxing, fun music throughout your home. This adds mood and ambiance to your Fall environment.
  16. The easiest way to transform a room is to toss some decorative pillows around. Layer them on the couch, chairs, and fireplace hearth. And nothing says Fall like these awesome pillows!
  17. For more inspiration, look for ideas on Etsy and Pinterest. Then, recreate them on your own.
Friends sitting around a cozy firepit.

Fall is the perfect time to sit around a backyard firepit and enjoy the fun.

Three Ways To Create An Outdoor Area That Says, “Hello Fall!”

  1. Create or buy a cozy firepit to put in the backyard. The family can gather around at night for stories, toasted marshmallows, and smores. For my firepit, I dug a three-foot circle in the ground, lined it with rocks, and surrounded it with colorful chairs.
  2. After the firepit is in place, string some lights over the area. Then, add an outdoor television set or projector and screen for watching movies and football games.
  3. Mix orange and yellow flowers in decorative pots and place a few pumpkins on the porch. As it happens, nothing says Fall like a cheerful outdoor display!

Five Ideas To Make Your Home The Place To Be For Fall

    1. Bake up some Fall goodies to make the house smell wonderful. Display your delicious treats in glass containers on the bar or coffee table for added charm.
    2. Plan and host a Fall Festival in your yard or an Autumn-themed dinner party for your neighbors. Diminish the stress of hosting by making it a potluck and setting up dinner tables outside.
    3. Or host a pumpkin carving contest for the neighborhood. Display all the pumpkins outside so everyone can stop by and vote on their favorite. Leave a decorative container on the porch with pen and paper for everyone to leave their votes.
    4. Enjoy hosting a weekly Fall-themed Bingo tournament with delicious pumpkin cookies, and punch. Furthermore, you’ll love these fun Autumn Bingo cards.
    5. Finally, have a monthly craft day during the season and enjoy being creative with the entire family. Invite your friends and neighbors to join the fun. Moreover, you can serve the goodies you’ve baked.
    Fall cookies and pumpkins

    Conclusion to 25 Simple Ways To Make Your Home Cozy For Fall

    In conclusion, decorating your home well doesn’t have to be expensive. Remember, the charm is in using genuine decor, layering items, and using different textures and fabrics to create a warm and cozy space. Notably, when everyone sees your home, they’ll be inspired to decorate their own!

    Now, it’s time to pick your favorites from these 25 amazing ideas and make your home cozy for Fall. After all, you deserve to enjoy the Fall bliss you’ve always wanted!

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    1. There is NOTHING like the feeling of Fall and all the coziness, blankets and warm sweaters that come with it! You have lots of new amazing ideas! I’ll try it all haha

    2. I’m doing a pre holiday deep clean to get the humidity smells out of my house and welcome in the fresh air.

      I am also doing a scent boil with orange vanilla and cinnamon!

    3. Making our environment comforting can totally uplift us! I’m a huge fan of simple and minimal decor since too much clutter can actually increase stress levels. I love all your tips and ideas for a cozy home! Environmental wellbeing (making our space work for us) is worth our time!

      1. Think of it as therapy for the soul! It always feels so good to sit back and just enjoy your clean and seasonally decorated home. Especially with a glass of wine or cup of coffee in hand!

    4. I love this! We live in a camper van and I’ll for sure use some of these tips to bring that cozy autumn feeling into our tiny home!

    5. You have so many great ideas here. I love the fall coffee bar idea! We have done a thankful jar in the past and I have forgotten about it. I think it’s time to bring it back. I also am a big fan of fire pits. I may need to invite the neighbors over. Thank you for getting me into a fall mood!

    6. Love these cozy fall decorating ideas! This time of year is my favorite so I go all in 🙂 I’m especially a fan of using natural elements for décor.

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